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Monday September 9th, 2019

Good Morning!

On Friday, we  read a children’s book and worked on “Pathways to a Theme” after reading through a children’s book.

In groups of three, I want you to read through a children’s book on your own and complete another “Pathways to a Theme.”




  1. How to write an Inquiry Question


Go back and complete #5 on the document “Pathways to a Theme for the children’s book that your group chose….can any of your questions be phrased more strongly?

2)  You will return to your group.  Your group will choose and read a second children’s book from the side counter.

Reading a Children’s book Power Point

After your group reads the children’s book, as a group you will complete a “Pathways to a Theme”.  The most important part will be the question(s)  (#5) that your group generates…these questions will be written on sheets of paper and posted on the back wall.

3)   Your group will read another children’s book and go through the same process…..your group will be reading three children’s books in total….

Monday September 9th, 2019

Good Morning,

On Friday, we looked at the “yes/no chart” for Identities and looked at persuasive writing techniques as seen through commercials.

We didn’t have a chance to look at the paragraph template…I would like to take a look at this template.

You will have time to work on this outline…

This is a paragraph that we will be submitted for marks

*Find Examples of ‘Irony’

Complete the document below as a group on office 365: