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Tuesday September 10th, 2019


Yesterday we worked on our children’s books –reading one book then completing a “Pathways to a Theme”.

  1.  At the end of your Pathways to a Theme, your group should have come up with some deep thinking questions.  At the end of yesterday’s class, you should have read two children’s books and completed two Pathways to a Theme.  You will be given a sheet of paper (11*14)…you will write down your questions on this sheet of paper.  *If you did not have time to finish your second “Pathways to a Theme” in class, I will give you time…
  2. Reading a Children’s book Power Point
  3. *I would like you to go to your edublog and post your pathways that you have completed.  I will go over how to post, categorize and tag.*We are coming back to our questions….we will be categorizing them:)
  4. Today we are going to start our short story unit.  To review, please open the document Prose Fiction Terminology.  We will go over any unfamiliar terms…and we will establish a date for a quiz for a ‘short story terms quiz’.  Currently I am thinking Monday September 18th …It gives a few days to prepare…



4.  We will be reading the short story “Sam the Athlete” aloud as a class.

5.  Please open the document below:




Tuesday September 10th, 2019

Good Morning,

Yesterday, we worked on the paragraph template for the short story “Identities”.  We then moved on to the short story “Long Long After School”.

The template that should be complete:

Some resources I want you to think of as you transform your paragraph template into a rough draft:

You will have time to write your rough draft of your paragraph on “Identities”.

Complete the document below as a group on office 365:

How are Wes and Ms. Trethway alike?  Venn Diagram:  Synthesis