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Wednesday September 25th, 2019

Good Morning!

*Reminder:  Synthesis Essays are Due today (Wednesday September 25th).  Please bring in a PAPER copy of your essay.  Print it out before you get to class.

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*No Red Ink:  Building Compound and Complex Sentences 4-7

*Go over the Comprehension Questions from Yesterday on “The Most Dangerous Game”.

“The Most Dangerous Game”:  Writing activity.   This story ends with an indeterminate ending.  Write a paragraph that would continue after the last paragraph of the story to illustrate how you see the story would go…Anyone want to read their story aloud?!


*”Dave Cooks a Turkey”: audio


How Stuart McLean helped define us

What Rhetorical devices can you use to help you add humour in your writing?  Refer to rhetorical devices resource and as a group, brainstorm