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Thursday February 14th, 2019

Good Morning!

Today we are going to start our with “No Red Ink”.  Please log into your account and start the exercise “Identifying  Sentences and Fragments”.


Today we will be continuing to work on our synthesis essay on the two short stories:  “A Teacher’s Rewards” and “Long Long After School”.  You have today’s class to work on this…

Monday February 11th, 2019

Good Morning,

On Thursday, we started on our synthesis essay of “Long Long After School” and “A Teacher’s Rewards” and on Friday we worked on “Friday Writes”.  The essay topics for the synthesis are below:

  1.  Childhood events can shape who we become as adults. How are Wes and Raybe influenced and shaped by their childhood experiences?
  2. Both Wes and Raybe are victims of discrimination. Explain what message the authors are saying about the harmful effects of society’s discrimination of individuals.
  3. Being a teacher means there is responsibility, care and trust of one’s students. A teacher is a role-model and can influence students.  Discuss Ms. Trethway and Ms. Scofield and their influence on their students.


a) choose a topic

b) Narrow your topic

c) Create a Venn Diagram

d) Create a Thesis Statement

Rhetorical Devices and Strategies:


Friday February 8th, 2019

Good Morning!

Friday Writes:  we will spend time each Friday writing.  This writing will mostly be focused on ‘compositions’.  This is an opportunity for you to be creative, reflective and critical with your own writing.

Narrative Writing


*The biggest misunderstanding

*The difficult decision

Yesterday, we read the short story “A Teacher’s Rewards”.

Synthesis Writing:

-Choose a Topic

-Narrow Topic

-Create a Venn Diagram to see the similarities and differences

-Write your Thesis Statement




Wednesday February 6th, 2019

Good Morning!

Once at this site you will login with the username/password I give to you….When you first log in, it will ask you a series of questions based on your interests in pop culture.  After this, there is an activity for you to complete on Building Compound and Complex Sentences.  Make sure you go through the tutorial!

Yesterday, we completed the short story elements activity for “Long Long After School”, and worked on a Venn Diagram for Wes and Ms. Trethway.

Your good copies will be due on Thursday September 14th, 2018

*Please print off your paragraph and submit on paper (sorry I find it is easier on my old eyes to mark on paper).

*I would also like you to post this on your Edublog.  Please Tag the post with



-We will go over the short story elements Worksheet for the short story “Long Long After School” (D Block)

-We will go over the Venn Diagram for Wes and Ms. Trethway.

-“A Teachers’ Rewards” –read aloud.


Tuesday February 5th, 2019

Good Morning!

Yesterday, we looked at writing rough drafts from the template that you completed.  We also looked at using transitional expressions and style within your writing.  In addition, we continued to look at the short story “Long Long After School.  You had time to complete your group activity on the short story elements of “Long Long After School”.

*Adding Quotes to your paragraph:

Monday February 4th, 2019

Good Morning,

Yesterday, we worked on the paragraph template for the short story “Identities”.  We then moved on to the short story “Long Long After School”.

The template that should be complete:

Some resources I want you to think of as you transform your paragraph template into a rough draft:

You will have time to write your rough draft of your paragraph on “Identities”.

Complete the document below as a group on office 365:

How are Wes and Ms. Trethway alike?  Venn Diagram:  Synthesis


Friday February 1st, 2019

Good Morning,

On Thursday, we looked at the “yes/no chart” for Identities and looked at persuasive writing techniques as seen through commercials

We didn’t have a chance to look at the paragraph template…I would like to take a look at this template.

This is a paragraph that we will be submitting for marks

*Find Examples of ‘Irony’

Complete the document below as a group on office 365: