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Tuesday November 28th, 2022


*Silent Reading

Light Yellow Paper: Conflict

1) put your novel title at the top

2) Find and write 5 quotes in your novel up to where you have read so far that pertain to the theme conflict.

3) Briefly write down the significance of this quote in relation to the book/theme.

*Literature Circles:  Roles Sheets for Thursday

*Infographs:  last day!  These are due tonight.


Wednesday November 16th, 2022


*No Red Ink: we started this yesterday, but make sure you do finish this assignment.

*Spoken Words:  we will hear anyone who has not yet presented their spoken word

*Novels:  We will start to choose what novel we will read for our Literature Circles.

*Novel Background Information Infograph:

Infographs should include:

*a main title

*eye catching section headings

* charts/graphics

*a minimum of 3 colours

*a minimum of 4 graphics

*non-fiction text analyzing and summarizing the information

*accurate facts