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English 10: Wednesday November 4, 2015

Good Morning!

-Essays:  are due…please put the essays on to your edublogs make sure to put in to English 10 and to tag “Nelsonpoetryessay”.  I would also like you to email your essays to me.

-“Poetic Sound Devices” found in sharepoint…we will work on this in preparation for our test (Thursday)


-“Poetry terms review” found in sharepoint…not for marks but for your own personal help with review…

English 10: Monday November 1, 2015

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a good Hallowe’en weekend.

On Friday, we were working on our essays on “The Road Not Taken” and “If”.  Today, we are going to peer edit our essays.  In the writing folder on sharepoint, there is a document called “peer edit worksheet”. Please open this document…You will be assigned a partner and will have to peer edit there essays.

-Review for test on Thursday:

-Look at poetry terms

-review “analyzing poetry”

-go over/review poetic devices worksheets

-Know all the poems we have studied.

“A Time to Talk” is a poem we will go over/do questions on in the poetry folder in sharepoint.


Poetry Test on Thursday

Essay due on Wednesday