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Friday March 2nd, 2018

Good Afternoon,

We are continuing to read our novel “If I Should Die Before I Wake”.  We are now on chapter 21.

*Reminder:  you will have a short story test next week on Tuesday March 6th, 2018.  The test will be on the following:

The short stories we’ve studied:  “Identities”, “Long Long After School”, “The Monkey’s Paw” and “The Lottery”.

-The Short story terms

-application of the terms to the short stories (short story summaries).

*please bring in your “No Red Ink” forms

-We will go over the short story summary for “The Lottery”.

-The Lottery questions….

Wednesday January 17th, 2018


We are going to look Drama

  1.  Warm up activity:  Pass the Sound
1.  In a standing circle, pass a “whoosh” around the circle. This is done by saying “whoosh!” and throwing your hands toward the person next to you.2.  After it goes around a couple times stop the “Whoosh!” and send a “Bing!” going the opposite way, using a different hand gesture.3.  Now tell the kids they need to put their focus caps on, because you’re going to send a “Whoosh!” going one direction, then a “Bing!” going the opposite direction.

4.  At some point they of course will overlap over one student so that student needs to be prepared.

5.  Try this out a few times. If they’re up for it, try adding in a 3rd layer, “Ooga!”.


2)  Zombie Name Game

Procedure:1. Have the class stand in a circle.2. Go around the circle having each kid loudly say his/her name as a zombie. (“Saaaarrraaaaahhhhh!”)

3. Then choose one student to be the “zombie”. The “zombie” walks in the middle of the circle zombie-style; arms stretched in front, head to the side.

4. Call a student’s name. The zombie heads toward that student.

5. The student must try to call another student’s name before the zombie reaches him/her.

6. If the zombie is able to tag the student before he/she can call a new name, that person becomes the zombie.

3)  Dance Your Name:Procedure:1.  Have the class stand in a circle.

2. Instruct the students that one by one they are to step into the circle and spell their first name in the air using their body parts. The body parts they need to use must go in order from top to bottom:

1st Letter: Head
2nd Letter: Arm
3rd Letter: Hips
4th Letter: Knee
5th Letter: Foot
(then repeat if there are more than 5 letters)

4) Human Knot


  • Group stands in circle and all come in close with hands stretched into middle of the circle.
  • Everyone grabs two hands – not the person next them, and not both hands of the same person.
  • Tell the students they must untie the knot without anyone ever letting go of their hands.
  • Counsel them to go very slowly and be very gentle.
  • Do it once allowing the students to talk and once in silence.

5)  Mirror Activity


  • Pair students up and tell them to pick an A and B.
  • Tell A’s that they are looking in the mirror.  (Optional:  Tell them it is morning and they are getting ready for the day.)
  • Tell them to move VERY slowly.  B’s are the mirror and must follow A so closely that an observer would not be able to tell who is leading and who is following.  Encourage them to mirror not only body movement but also facial expression.
  • Have them switch after a minute or so.  Then tell them that neither is the leader or follower.  You will probably have tell them to go slower a few times.
  • Start again with A’s but this time tell them that they are talking to themselves in the mirror as B’s follow.  Again let them switch and then try it with no leader and no follower.


6)The Emotion Party

Procedure:1.  Each player thinks of an emotion2.  One person (the host) begins in the center of the room, setting up for a party.

3.  The host acts in the manner of his/her emotion.

4.  Another player knocks on the door and is let in by the host.

5.  The new player must act in the manner of his/her emotion.

6.  The first person now begins to act in the manner of the second player’s emotion (having guessed what that emotion is).

7.  A third person knocks and enters with a different emotion.

8.  Now players one and two must independently identify the new player’s emotion and begin to act in the manner of the emotion.

9.  Play continues until all of the players have entered the party.

10.  Players then begin to leave the party, one by one, in the order in which they came and with the emotion he/she demonstrated.

11.  This continues until the first player, the host, is left alone again, and is back acting in the manner of his/her original emotion.

Romeo and Juliet



Wednesday January 10th, 2018


*Reminder that your Group Inquiry Projects are due on Friday.

-Yesterday we started an exercise where you drew an island.  You then had to complete a writing activity where you had to write a story (flashback of how you ended up on the island…..


a)  First you are going to tell the story of how you arrived on your island (flashback; exposition).
Today you will continue with the next two parts of the activity:
b) You are going to describe your island
c)  A natural disaster occurs on your island (a tidal wave, an earthquake, a fire, etc.).  Describe the events as they proceed, and tell how you survived the disaster.  (skill: building suspense)

*Time if needed to work on Group Inquiry Projects

Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Good Morning!

*Reminder that your Inquiry group project is due this Friday.

-Narrative Writing:  You will receive a large piece of paper…
a. Draw an island using the materials provided. The island may be of
any size or shape.
b. Give your island a name: ‘Basketball Island,’ ‘Skull Island,’ etc.,
reflecting its shape or characteristics.
c. Identify and draw landmarks on your island: mountains, rivers,
caves, valleys, waterfalls, forests, etc.
Imagine that you are stranded on your island. You might have been there
for only a few days, or perhaps you have been there for several years.
a)  First you are going to tell the story of how you arrived on your island (flashback; exposition).
b) You are going to describe your island
c)  A natural disaster occurs on your island (a tidal wave, an earthquake, a fire, etc.).  Describe the events as they proceed, and tell how you survived the disaster.  (skill: building suspense)
*If time, you can work with your group on your Inquiry project

Monday January 8th, 2018

Happy New Year!

*Reminder that you should be continuing to work on your group Inquiry Projects.  You will be presenting these on Friday.

Approx. Road Map January 8-12th

Monday-Thursday:  Narrative Writing

Friday:  Inquiry Project Presentations

January 15th-19th

Monday-Tuesday:  Narrative Writing

Wednesday -Friday:  Drama


Narrative Writing:  writing with emotion

You will choose a happy, warm, loving memory from over the two week Winter Break or from another time prior in your life to write and share.  Remember, this is narrative so you can be creative and it could be made up if you are more comfortable.

*Brainstorm words that are happy, loving, warm

*sense chart

*map out the story


Wednesday December 20th, 2017


*Reminder:  If  you have not yet emailed and posted your Novel Inquiry Project, please make sure you do so.

*Reminder:  You should be working on and completing your self reflection from yesterday on your Novel Inquiry Project.

-Today we will be watching “The Help” …one of our Lit. Circle Novels

Tuesday December 19th, 2017


*Reminder that your Independent Novel Inquiry project is due today, Tuesday December 19th.  Please have it posted to your blog using the following tags:




*You will be in multi-novel groups so that you can see projects done on novels that you did not read.

*You will be completing a Self-Assessment.  Please take the time to read through the core competencies before you do your assessment.  This assessment is on the reading of your novel, the lit circles and ultimately your Independent Novel Inquiry Project.  Last time we did a self-assessment, I found you could have written much more…

*Tags:  In addition to the Tag you must use for the specific competency you are using, I also want you to add as a second tag.  Follow in the instructions on the Self Assessment Sheet on how to Tag for the accurate competency.  You must also include your ‘artifact’ which is your project.