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Friday May 31st, 2019

Good Morning!

*Silent Reading??

Today, we are starting Drama

What Makes a good play?  Brainstorm

*You will be creating “One Act Play”.

-The purpose of this activity is to create an understanding and appreciation by the students of good dramatic literature, play production, and to instruct students in acting.
-Things that students will have to think about: Characterization, Physicality, Voice, Ensemble, Timing, Staging, and Overall Effectiveness.
You will be in groups of three to four…  In your group, you will be create a “One Act Play”.  You must come up with
a) a topic for your play
b) a script
c) rehearse and ‘act’ your play out
d) have fun!


Monday May27th, 2019

*Good Morning,

*Silent Reading

*Some of you have not yet handed in your Friday Writes Portfolio…please do so…

1)Please Print your best copy  of your Friday Writes.  Your best composition should be the composition on top and should clearly be labeled “Best Copy for marking”

2) 5 Drafts of your Friday Writes

Please Post on your Blog:

1) 1 Best Copy

2) 5 Drafts

3) Completed Reflection Sheet

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*You will be having another Literature Circle Discussion tomorrow.  Please connect with your group to ensure you know what role you will be doing. You have time to work on this role.

*Exam Prep: start now over the next few weeks…