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Wednesday September 11th, 2019


Yesterday we worked on framing our questions from Children’s books, posting our Pathways to a theme on Edublog and looking at Prose Fiction Terms. We also finished reading “Sam the Athlete”.

*Reminder:  There will be a Prose Fiction Terms Quiz on Monday September 16th.

  1. Open the document “Sam the Athlete Yes No Chart”.  We will discuss and the work on this chart.
  1. Short story summary:  this chart will guide you through applying the short story terms to the short story “Sam The Athlete”.


Wednesday September 11th, 2019

Good Morning!

Yesterday, we looked at writing rough drafts from the template that you completed.  We also looked at using transitional expressions and style within your writing.  In addition, we continued to look at the short story “Long Long After School.  You had time to complete your group activity on the short story elements of “Long Long After School”.

*No Red Ink: You will start to set up your account by personalizing your interests.

*We will come back to our persuasive paragraphs on “Identities” .  Your rough draft should be mostly complete.

*Adding Quotes to your paragraph:

*Did we have time yesterday to finish our  graphic organizer on “Long Long After School.”