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Wednesday April 24th, 2019

Good Morning!

*Reminder:  Today is a shortened day –you will be done school at 1:05pm

*Reminder: Test tomorrow on Poetry (Thursday April 25th)

Things to prepare:

-Poetry terms/application of terms

-All Poems:  Because I Could Not Stop For Death, Caged Bird, Walking on Two Sides of an Invisible Border, What do I Remember of the Evacuation, I Hear America Singing, I Too America Sing, My Mistress’ Eyes, Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?, This is America Childish Gambino.

-Review paragraph Writing template

-Review ‘analyzing poetry

-Rhyme and meter

-Incorporating Quotes

Thursday April 16th, 2019

-spoken word criteria




-We will be working on Spoken word:  we will look at a few samples of Rants…


Warm up spoken word free write activity:  Practice writing with imagery that includes all five senses.  Students describe an abstract or intangible entity using all senses:  what do they look, sound, smell, taste and feel like?

Examples:  Choose 2 of the following examples and write for five minutes each using imagery/sensory language.

a. homesickness

b. grief

c. love

d. joy

e. emptiness

f.  time

g. envy


-Spoken word:  yesterday, you worked on brainstorming for your topic for spoken word.  Today, you can start to work on actually writing your spoken word….

Wednesday April 17th, 2019

Good Morning!

*Head’s up:  Spoken word is coming down the line:)

*Poetry Test:  Looks like it will be on Thursday April 25th, 2019

*No Red Ink:  Commas for clarity and Commonly Confused Words 1

The Poems we’ve studied and the connections between…

What Do I Remember of the Evacuation, Walking on two Sides of the Border, Caged Bird, My Mistress’ Eyes, Shall I Compare thee to a Summers’ Day, This is America, I Hear America Singing, I,Too America Sing, Because I Could Not Stop for Death, Sympathy….

*Create a Concept Map as a review exercise…