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Monday October 30th, 2017

Happy Monday!

Just a heads up…spoken word finals are on Friday December 1st.  Usually class finalists need to be chosen several days before this date.  If you are really ambitious you can start to give this some thought…we will be starting this next week…

-spoken word criteria




You will have time to work on your poetry assignment….Below


Friday October 26th, 2017

Happy Friday

Yesterday, you wrote a poetry terms quiz and worked on a “Building Understanding” for One of the poems you analyzed.

*Just a heads up…spoken word finals are on Friday December 1st.  Usually class finalists need to be chosen several days before this date.  If you are really ambitious you can start to give this some thought…we will be starting this next week…

-spoken word criteria




This lesson is about learning rhythm and scansion.  It is usually a harder topic to learn.  It is regarding how to learn iambic pentameter or trochaic tetrameter for example.

“Casey at the Bat”:  please read the poem on the first link.  After you read the poem, you can watch the two attached cartoons below.  After, you can work on the questions attached to the poem on the first link.  The second link is an additional resource.



Looking Forward To Next Week:  you will be creating Inspiration Poems:  You will be presenting/showing these to the class….you can choose any program, software video tools that you think best will work for you….

You will have class time to work on this assignment.


Wednesday October 25th 2017


Yesterday, you worked on an activity where you analyzed five different poems and created a chart on Office 365.  Please post these onto your blogs




*Reminder: you will have a poetry terms quiz either Thursday or Friday…Mr. Won can decided based on your progress:)

*No Red Ink:  Connecting clauses with colons and semicolons and commas for clarity.

*Kahoot:  Let’s practice our terms:  Here are a couple public kahoots


*if time, do a Building Understanding for one of the five poems you analayzed.  Choose one you have a connection to….


Monday October 23rd, 2017


I’m sorry I can’t be there with you yet…I’m hoping real soon.

*Please remember to be reviewing your “Poetic terms” as you will be having a quiz on these terms (how does Thursday look?)

-On Thursday we posted our essays on “The Metaphor” on our Edublogs, made sure our song analysis was on our Edublog, worked on Poetic terms and devices as well as a “Building Understanding” for the song that you chose.

-If you have not yet posted your building understanding for the song you chose, please do so:




-Figurative Language Worksheets: Practice identifying poetic terms




Where will your path lead you: Carpe Diem

You will be creating a Chart on Office 365….and in groups (of three hopefully!) you will be analyzing the following poems.  What will your path be?  my hope is that you not only analyze these poems, but also discuss their meaning…you will need the analyzing poetry sheet

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost


“If” by Rudyard Kipling


“Oh Captain My Captain” by Walt Whitman


“I Too Sing America” by Langston Hughes


“Art Reflecting Life” by Thomas King


Wednesday October 18th, 2017


Sorry I’m not there with you all!  Yesterday you worked on analyzing a song of your choice.  Hopefully you all had a chance to finish this up and post this to your blog.

*Reminder:  Your good copy of your essay on is due on Thursday October 19th.

  1. Please post to your Edublog using the Tag:




  1. I have also asked for a hard copy (paper) of essay.

No Red Ink:  Identifying Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers





* “Building Understanding”:  On Thursday, you worked on an activity where you chose your own song then you analyzed it.  You must have chosen the song you did as it may have some meaning for you.  You are now to complete a “Building Understanding” for the song you chose connecting it to our inquiry theme.



*Please study the poetry terms….you will have a quiz on the poetry terms…

Tuesday October 17th, 2017


Yesterday, we worked on a peer edit as well as creating a class poem.

*Good Copy of your essay will be due on Thursday October 19th, 2017

Question: Compare and/or contrast Charlotte’s mother and Ms. Hancock and how they influence Charlotte

  1.  Email your essay
    1. Post your essay to your Edublog Tag:




*I would also like you to bring in a paper copy of the essay

-Today we are going to go through “Analyzing Poetry” as applied to your own song that you will choose.

  1.  Choose a song that you enjoy listening to –both in terms of its sound but also its lyrics.  Your songs lyrics must be appropriate.
  2. You will go through the seven steps on the “Analyzing Poetry” sheet: 
  3. You will be posting this on Edublog: song video (embed from youtube)
  4. Embed your seven step analysis
  5. Tag:





Monday October 16th, 2017


Friday, we started our poetry unit by looking at different thoughts on what Poetry means and how to define poetry.

-You will be divided into partners to peer edit your essay. Question for essay:  Compare and/or Contrast Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s mother and their influence on Charlotte.  At this point your drafts should be complete.


***If you did not have time to finish Friday’s lesson….please do so…

Today we are going to:

-Go over the poetry terms


-Class poem:  Each student must write a line of poetry that contains a poetic device.  We will then put the different lines of poetry together to make a poem…have some fun with it.

*You will add your line of poem to the following Office 365 link (have fun with where you place your line of poetry among your classmates poetic lines:

Class Poem Block A C and D

-Analyzing Poetry


-You will then have time to work on your essays for “The Metaphor”.  At this point you should be working on your good copy of your essay.



Friday October 13th, 2017


Yesterday you wrote your short story test.  I managed to post blocks A and B onto Myed but I haven’t had a chance to do so for Block D.  On Wednesday/Thursday we worked on our Essay Outlines –they should be completed for today. Over the weekend, transform your outlines into a rough draft.  Drafts must be done for Monday as we will be doing peer editing.

We will be starting our poetry unit.

*I want you all to reflect and brainstorm the idea of what Poetry means to you.  You will write down this thought/reflection on a doc. open on your devices.

-we will look at some definitions of poetry by T.S. Eliot and ee cummings


We will then read the poem “Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand and “Introduction to Poetry by Billy collins

-You will be divided into groups of three.  Each group will be responsible for 2 poems and will work on Office 365 on the chart you will create below:


*You will share with me (Ms. Nelson)

Your group will read two of the following poems:

-“Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand


-“Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins


-“Alone” by Maya Angelou


I’m alive, I believe everything by Lesley Choyce



-Exit By Rita Dove


Go back and look at the definition that you wrote….can you add anything new? Take two minutes and write down any new thoughts.

-share charts, poems and thoughts with class

-Poetry Terms

Wednesday October 11th, 2017


*Reminder that you will have a short story unit test tomorrow

-All the short stories:  Sam the Athlete, House, Forgiveness in Families, The Tell Tale heart and The Metaphor.  You will also need to know the short story terms as well as the application of the terms to the stories (short story summaries).  You will also have a sight store with questions and a paragraph.

*No Red Ink:  We will work on the next assignment “Embedding Quotations and Parallelism.”

After “No Red Ink” you will have time to continue working on your essay on “The Metaphor