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Monday January 30th, 2017

Good Morning:)

Beginner Edublog: In case you get stuck, a “how to” is here to help you:

Edublogs-Logging In, Appearance and Themes

Edublogs-Logging In, Appearance and Themes

Logging in

Step 1:  Enter the following website into the URL
Step 2:
Click Login
Step 3:
Enter your Edublogs Username and Password
Step 4:
Click Log In
How to change your theme and Make your blog your own
Step 1:  Go to Appearance, select Themes
Step 2:  Select a theme that you are interested in, mobile friendly options are available
Step 3:  Once you choose a theme, you can select Live Preview to view what it looks like, or simply activate it.
Menu’s, Categories and pages
-The difference between a Page and a Category
A Page is static whereas a Category shows the most recent post
-We will set up you Menu so that your classes (or otherwise) are ready to go.  Depending on how many classes you have, this could take a little bit of time.  We also want to make sure that your classes are showing on your Menu.  For some themes, we have to go to “Customize” to display your menu.
How to Post
First, let’s add a couple Plugins that may help make posting a little easier and fun:
Click on “Plugins” and activate these two plugins.  One is “embed any document” while the other is google supreme webfonts which allows you add to different colour fonts.
-Click on Posts “Add New”.  We will practice doing one post.
-Saving a draft
-changing the date and time
-password protecting or making private.
-Attaching word/PDF documents
-the importance of tagging your work and having your students take their work for you
-Categorizing your post
-How to use the reader to find your students’ work
Edublogs:  Video’s and Pictures
-How to add a Video from Youtube with either a URL or by embedding
-How to add a Picture

Monday January 23rd

Happy Monday!

Good Morning everyone! Last week we had “Bard on the Beach” in class doing workshops with everyone.  I would like to spend a few moments getting a reflection/feedback on how you feel the workshops went.  Please fill in the form below….

Shakespeare Reflection-13zcyxo

I would like you to email your reflections to me so I can read through them…

“Much Ado About Nothing”….we will start to watch the movie for the play you did the workshop on….

Wednesday January 11th, 2017


*Just a reminder to please pay for “Bard on the Beach” Crunch time is on!

-Yesterday we worked on our “Inquiry Projects”. You should have been working on your individual work on the “sources” you and your group have chosen to answer the Inquiry Question your group chose.

-Today, You should be working on tying your individual work together with your group.

-Your group should be building the digital/presentation portion of your project.

-You should be thinking about building your bibliography and your conclusions

-You should be thinking about voice over or preparing what you will say during your allotted time.


Due Date: Tuesday January 18th

Tuesday January 10th, 2107

Good Morning,

Yesterday we started a group assignment to follow up with our Inquiry. Yesterday, your group should have:

a)  Decided upon an Inquiry Question that you will work on.

b)  Decided  what sources (literature) your group will focus on.  Each member should be responsible for TWO sources.

c) Discussed the division of labour to ensure you all complete on time –aiming toward the answer that your group is aiming for.



  1. Each member should be working on how their source and how it answers their groups Inquiry Question
  2. You should be thinking about how you want your groups information displayed (software/app).  Think about ways to critically and creatively present your sources  answer to the question.
  3. Keep a log of any bibliographic information that should be included.
  4. Start to work on the movie/presentation.

*We need to discuss the presentation date.  We will have to do this next week due to the timeline for report cards:(

*Please remember to Pay for “Bard on the Beach” if you have not yet done so.