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Friday September 6th, 2019

Happy Friday!

We are continuing with Inquiry today…On Thursday, we watched several youtube clips and at the end of each one you completed a “Building Understanding”.

What is the connection between the video clips that we watched?  I would like to hear your thoughts on this question…

  1.  We are reading an essay by Bertand Russell


How does this connect to our theme of “The Human Condition”?

2.  We are starting an exercise with Children’s books.

I will show/read a book aloud to the class and we will read through together as a class.

Pathways to a Theme:



3)  In groups of three you will choose and read a children’s book.  After, you will complete a “Pathways to a theme” as a group.

Friday September 6th, 2019

Good Morning,

Yesterday we looked the the prose fiction terms, reading through different lenses, and the short story “Identities”.  We ended the day with the “Yes/No chart” and you were to complete the first four squares.

-you were to complete the “Yes/No Chart”

What is your decision:  Four Corners


Identities Yes No Chart

*Group Activity:  Each Group will identify a different lens.  Each group will have a different lens.  Your task is to identify how the story could be interpreted based on the lens your group is responsible for…

Persuasive Writing

What techniques are used in these?