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Friday October 28th, 2016


Yesterday, we did a kahoot to review our poetry terms….we then completed our activity of analyzing the five poems and reported out.  The five poems were: The Road Not Taken, If, Oh Captain My Captain, I Too Sing America, and Art Reflecting Life.

*To start class today, we are writing our Poetry Terms Quiz

-We did not finish going over the five poems…we will do so today

-Reflection: what will my Path be?  Take 10 minutes and write a reflection about what your path may be being thoughtful of the poems we have just read and analyzed in class.

-Building Understanding: Complete a Building Understanding for One of the Poems we studied and analyzed.

Thursday October 27th, 2016


Yesterday, we worked on “No Red Ink” Combining clauses with semicolons and colons…we then moved on to the analysis of the five poems we’ve been working on: “The Road Not Taken”, “If”, “Oh Captain My Captain”, “I Too Sing America”, and “Art Reflecting Life”.

*Reminder: we have a poetry terms quiz tomorrow…

Kahoot: we will play a kahoot

-You will have time to regroup with your partners…many groups were done, but some expressed they had one more poem to go through.  I would like to discuss the five poems that we looked at…remember –you should be aware of the cultural, historical, political and social context….

Wednesday October 26th, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday we worked in groups of three looking at five different poems that were on yesterday’s post.

-No Red Ink:  Connecting Clauses with semicolons and colons practice (this is the very bottom assignment)

-Return to your groups from yesterday to continue working on activity of “What is your path?”


Tuesday October 25th, 2016


Yesterday we posted our essay on “The Metaphor” on our Edublogs, made sure our song analysis was on our Edublog, worked on Poetic terms and devices as well as a “Building Understanding” for the song that you chose.

-You have approximately 10 minutes to work on your “Building Understanding” for the song you chose.  You will be posting this with the Tag:



-Figurative Language Worksheets




Where will your path lead you: Carpe Diem

You will be creating a Chart on Office 365….and in groups you will be analyzing the following poems.  What will your path be?

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost


“If” by Rudyard Kipling


“Oh Captain My Captain” by Walt Whitman


“I Too Sing America” by Langston Hughes


“Art Reflecting Life” by Thomas King


Monday October 24th, 2016

Happy Monday!

On Thursday, we worked on analyzing poetry; you each chose a poem then went through the steps on the “Analyzing Poetry” worksheet”.

*C Block went through Peer edit exercise as well.

-Today, “The Metaphor Essays are due:

  1. Please post to your Edublog using the Tag:
  2. Nelsonmetaphoressay B/ NelsonmetaphoressayC
  3. I have also asked for a hard copy (paper) of essay.
  4. email essay to me at





* “Building Understanding”:  On Thursday, you worked on an activity where you chose your own song then you analyzed it.  You must have chosen the song you did as it may have some meaning for you.  You are now to complete a “Building Understanding” for the song you chose connecting it to our inquiry theme.



*Poetry Terms Quiz:  Friday October 28th, 2016:)

Thursday October 20th, 2016


Yesterday, we worked on No Red Ink as well as our essays.

*C Block:  You will still have to do your peer edit.

-Today we are going to go through “Analyzing Poetry” as applied to your own song that you will choose.

  1.  Choose a song that you enjoy listening to –both in terms of its sound but also its lyrics.  Your songs lyrics must be appropriate.
  2. You will go through the seven steps on the “Analyzing Poetry” sheet
  3. You will be posting this on Edublog: song video (embed from youtube)
  4. Embed your seven step analysis
  5. Tag:  NelsonsonganalysisB         NelsonsonganalysisC

-Essay on “The Metaphor” is due on Monday.

Question:  Compare and/or contrast Charlotte’s mother and Ms. Hancock and how they influence Charlotte

  1.  Email your essay
    1. Post your essay to your EdublogTAG:  NelsonmetaphoressayB      NelsonmetaphoressayC
    2. I want you to also bring me in a hard copy (Paper)
    3. email your essay as well:)


Tuesday October 18th, 2016


Yesterday we started our poetry unit by looking at different thoughts on what Poetry means and how to define poetry.

Today we are going to:

-Go over the poetry terms


-Class poem:  Each student must write a line of poetry that contains a poetic device.  We will then put the different lines of poetry together to make a poem…have some fun with it.

*You will add your line of poem to the following Office 365 link (have fun with where you place your line of poetry among your classmates poetic lines:

-Analyzing Poetry (also on sharepoint)


-You will then have time to work on your essays for “The Metaphor”.  At this point you should be working on your rough draft and it should be almost complete.  Remember the question:

Compare and/or contrast Ms. Hancock with Charlotte’s Mother and their influence on Charlotte.

Remember that to Compare is to show similarities and to contrast is to show differences.  You are also to use the point-by-point method (refer to power point from last week).


Monday October 17th, 2016

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a good weekend! On Friday we worked on our Essay Outlines –they should be completed for today.

We will be starting our poetry unit.

*I want you all to reflect and brainstorm the idea of what Poetry means to you.  You will write down this thought/reflection on a doc. open on your devices.

-we will look at some definitions of poetry by T.S. Eliot and ee cummings


We will then read the poem “Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand and “Introduction to Poetry by Billy collins

-You will be divided into groups of three.  Each group will be responsible for 2 poems and will work on Office 365 on the chart you will create below:


*You will share with me (Ms. Nelson)

Your group will read two of the following poems:

-“Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand


-“Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins


-“Alone” by Maya Angelou


I’m alive, I believe everything by Lesley Choyce


-Exit By Rita Dove


Go back and look at the definition that you wrote….can you add anything new? Take two minutes and write down any new thoughts.

-share charts, poems and thoughts with class

-Poetry Terms:  Sharepoint

-Analyzing Poetry:  Sharepoint