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Digital Footprint


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A digital footprint is the collection of all the traces you leave in electronic environments as you use or move through them. Some is content you actively volunteer—like your Facebook profile. Other material is passive—the cookies a site stores in your browser, the content your district collects about your use of their equipment, etc. All this data can be aggregated to build a profile of you and your behavior.

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Task #1

After watching both of the video’s above, leave a comment on the blog post about something you found interesting or something you learned. Did you prefer one video over the other? Why?

Before you COMMENT take time to THINK about what you POST: Click Here

What is Your Digital Tattoo?

After watching the three videos, take a few minutes to really think about the questions below.

  • If we were to look you up online what would we learn about you ?
  • What are your digital footprints?
  • Is there anything online that you wouldn’t want your teacher or parent to know about you?
Task #2

 You are going to write your first post. Your first post is about your digital footprint. After thinking about the questions above, how to you view your digital fooprint, is it positive or negative? Would you be proud to have your grandparents or your future grandchildren look at everything you have included in your digital footprint? Why or why not?  

– Give your post a great title (Something related to digital footprints)

– Make sure you use categories and tags! (Categorise this post in Portfolio, Tag this post with a least 3 tags)

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Task #3

In groups of 2-3, you are going to comment on 2-3 other students blog posts about their digital footprints. You already know how to comment, remember to THINK before you comment. In order to access other students blogs, all you need is their username, simply type in the students username at the end of the URL, and it will take you directly to their blog. See the example below, student usernames consist of their first name, last initial -2013 (e.g. gracef-2103)

Discover Your Digital Footprint
1) Google Yourself….see what you find
2) Use Pipl to search more about themselves. Pipl is a great web tool that allows users to search their digital trails.
3) Digital Footprint Calculator (Do at home if you like)

Your New Digital Footprint

Tips for Managing Your Footprint

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Some Other Things to Think About

  • Never post anything that you might find embarrassing later.
  • Be careful with the pictures you post on your public profiles. Remember others will see them and judge you based on their content.
  • Change the privacy settings on your social networking sites so that only your Friends can see your information
  • Do not disclose your personal address, phone number, passwords. Bank card numbers…etc even in private messages. There is always the possibility of somebody hacking into your account and finding them.
  • Do not post things to bully, hurt, blackmail, insult, or afflict any kind of harm on others
  • Always keep in mind that once information has been posted online, it can be almost impossible to remove because of archiving and file sharing. Even though you deactivate your accounts, the information may still be retrieved by others.

Additional Resources

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