Thursday October 10th, 2019

Good Morning!

*Song analysis:  where are we at?

Post the lyrics, embed the video, and include your analysis.  Use the tag:



* “What Do I Remember of the Evacuation”

*Go through the analyzing poetry resource for “What do I Remember of the Evacuation.”

*After knowing more about that Japanese internment and the author, what meaning does this add to the poem itself?


History Sept. 22, 1988: apology to Japanese-Canadians of WWII

Rare views of Japanese-Canadian internment: 19 images remembering one of Canada’s darkest hours


*What did we learn about Residential Schools?


*Analyzing Poems:  In groups, you will be going through the analyzing poetry resource and applying it to the three poems we studied:  “Walking on two Sides of the Border”, “What do I remember of the Evacuation”, and “Caged Bird”.  We will do this on larger paper so we can post/gallery walk

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