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Math 10- Final Exam Review Package:

Please read the following important information:

  • skip section 2 (Radicals) and section #3 (Measurement) in the package. Prime Factorization and Exponents will be under Chapter 1 Review- see link below.

Math 10 Final Exam Review Jan 2020

There is a an answer key/solutions at the end of the package.

Chapter 1 Review (complete 1-15 only)

Chapter 1 Review (solutions)

Exam is set for Tuesday, January 14th, 2020.

Chapter 10: Arithmetic Sequences- Notes:

Lesson 1 Arithmetic sequences patterns

Lesson 2 Arithmetic Sequences

Lesson 3 Arithmetic Growth and Decay

Assignment list:

ch 10 assigment list

Chapter 10 Arithmetic Sequences- Workbook Solutions

Extra practice:




Chapter 9 Review:

Chapter 9 Review

Chapter 9 Review (Solutions)

Chapter 9 Notes:

Lesson 1 and 2 Solving Systems by Graphing

Lesson 3 Solving Systems by Inspection and Substitution

Lesson 4 Solving Systems by Elimination

Lesson 5 Number and Money Applications

Lesson 6 Mixture and Percentage Applications

Lesson 7 Distance Speed Time Applications

Chapter 9 Assignment list:

ch 9 assigment list - Systems of Linear Equations

Workbook Solutions:

Chapter 9 Systems of Linear Equations

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