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PowerPoint made by Macy LaGambina

MUN Conference Rundown 2019-2020



Couple of videos to share with you.

Don't forget to sign up for VMUN!

Check out Vancouver Model United Nations website for more info and registration.

If you have any questions regarding Riverside's MUN Club or VMUN, please come see Mr. Chee in portable 4.


Math 9 MIdterm Review Jan 2020

  • Answer keys-

Math 9 MIdterm Review Jan 2020 KEY

Math 9 MIdterm Review Jan 2020 KEY Part 2

If you are not sure how to read these answer keys, please see Mr. Chee at lunch time or make an appointment by emailing him at

Midterm exam is: Monday, Jan. 20th (9am-11am- please arrive at 8:45am)


Math 10- Final Exam Review Package:

Please read the following important information:

  • skip section 2 (Radicals) and section #3 (Measurement) in the package. Prime Factorization and Exponents will be under Chapter 1 Review- see link below.

Math 10 Final Exam Review Jan 2020

There is a an answer key/solutions at the end of the package.

Chapter 1 Review (complete 1-15 only)

Chapter 1 Review (solutions)

Exam is set for Tuesday, January 14th, 2020.

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