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PowerPoint made by Macy LaGambina

MUN Conference Rundown 2019-2020



Couple of videos to share with you.

If you have any questions regarding Riverside's MUN Club or VMUN, please come see Mr. Chee in portable 4.



New April 8th, 2020-


  1. After reviewing notes, complete pg. 209 (#'s 1-3) in the workbook. Try some questions from the extra review sheets attached to this post.
  2. Complete Spring Break Review given yesterday due April 14th. Be ready to hand in. I will inform you of where to submit later on.
  3. Enjoy Easter Break- no meetings/classes on Friday and Monday.

Lesson 5 Factoring Review notes

Factoring Review

Factoring Review (Solutions)

For the following, use the X (criss cross) method of factoring. Always try and remove the GCF.

Lesson 4-3 Supplemental Worksheet

Lesson 4-5 Supplemental Worksheet


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