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Chapter 9 Notes:

Lesson 1 and 2 Solving Systems by Graphing

Lesson 3 Solving Systems by Inspection and Substitution

Lesson 4 Solving Systems by Elimination

Lesson 5 Number and Money Applications

Lesson 6 Mixture and Percentage Applications

Chapter 9 Assignment list:

ch 9 assigment list - Systems of Linear Equations

Workbook Solutions:

Chapter 9 Systems of Linear Equations


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REMINDER: Chapter 7 and 8 Unit Test on Characteristics of Linear Relations and Equations of Linear Relations:



Chapter 7 Review

Chapter 7 Review (solutions)

Chapter 8 Review

Chapter 8 Review (solutions)


Lesson 1 The Equation of a Line in Slope y-int Form

Lesson 2 Writing Equations in Slope y-int Form

Lesson 3 Writing Equations in Point-Slope Form

Lesson 4 The General Form Equation

Lesson 5 Further Practice with Linear Equations

Lesson 6 Graphing Linear Equations

Lesson 7 Slope as a Rate of Change


Chapter 8 Equations of Linear Relations

Chapter 7 Notes:

Lesson 1 and 2 Midpoint and Distance of Line Segments

Lesson 3 and 4 Slope of a Line Segment

Lesson 5 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Chapter 7 Workbook Solutions:

Chapter 7 Characteristics of Linear Relations

Chapter 7 (and 8): Assignment list:

Chapter 7 and 8 assignment list

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