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TOKTW Day is Wednesday, November 6th, 2019. For more information on what it is, click on this link:

Please download the permission and submit by email. Make sure you save the information before sending. OR, you can print off and fill out and hand-in to Mr. Chee. It is due: November 9th.


TOKTW Reflection Sheet 2018-z9m5sx

Alternate Assignment (if you are not going):

TOKTW day alternate assignment-2fvgq3t



2019 TOKTW Parent and Guardian Consent form

TOKTW consent 2019 Fillable form



Final Exam Review Package 200 plus questions

Skip the following question numbers:

  • Volume: 49, 52, 54, 57, 59, 60, 67
  • Negative exponents:  78-86
  • Scientific Notation: 101-106
  • factoring and multiplying binomials: 160-176
  • Trigonometry: 210-218
  • Probability (Gr. 8 Review): 219-225


  • Ch. 11- review notes on Data Analysis.
  • make sure you pick up a formula sheet (for practice) if you don’t have one.

***#180- dilation means enlargement

****Reminders: Return Math Textbook by Thursday, June 19th.

Textbook Chapter:

Mathlinks Chapter 6-22vlwgn

Mathlinks Ch. 6.2 is here (when enlarged, resolution is decent, not great):

Linear Relations 6.2 portion of Mathlinks 9-1hawpj1

Textbook Chapter Answers:

Mathlinks Textbook Answer Key ALL-1q99qx0

Answers to practice test on pg. 246:



Mathlinks Ch. 8- textbook link:

Mathlinks Ch. 8-s9vfcz

Textbook answer key:

Mathlinks Textbook Answer Key ALL-1q8z4xu

More notes (courtesy of Ms. Burton)...


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