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English 10: Tuesday September 15th

Good Morning!

-Prose Fiction Terms Quiz

-Persuasive Writing

*Power Point

-Writing: The documents below can be found in the writing folder on sharepoint

*The Main Idea/Topic Sentence

     *Incorporating Quotes

     *Transitional Expressions

     *Marking Rubrics

-Persuasive Paragraph

“Did Sam Make the Right Decision to continue to wear the skirt?”

*Yes/No chart

*Paragraph Writing Template: Found in the writing Folder on Sharepoint



English 10: Monday September 14th, 2015

Good Morning!

1) On Friday we did not have a chance to finish our group activity.  You were to apply the “Style” techniques that an author may use to the short story “Sam the Athlete”.   You were to Highlight/Label the example.  Your group will be sharing your findings.

group 1  59-60

group 2  61-62

group 3  63-64

group 4  65-66

group 5  67-68

group 6  69-70

group 7  70-72

2) For Homework over the weekend, you were to complete a “short story summary” for “Sam the Athlete”. We will go over this in class.

3) Paragraph question “Did Sam make the right decision to continue wearing the team skirt?”

-Please open the document in sharepoint ->short story folder “Sam the Athlete yes no chart”.  You most complete this chart before  starting your paragraph.

4) Persuasive Writing power point

5) If time allows…

-The topic sentence/the main idea

-incorporating quotes

-marking rubrics

-transitional expressions

6) “Paragraph Writing Template”: students are to work on this as a guideline for how your paragraphs should be written…