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Tuesday November 5th, 2019

Good Morning,

*We will be starting a unit on Drama in conjunction with Spoken Word….


*Brainstorm: What makes a good play?

*Mini Skits: you will be given a few different strips of paper in different colours:

1) On the blue strip, make up a fictional character.  Make sure to include aspects about the appearance as well as their personality

2)  On the pink strip of paper, write down an awkward or funny type of situation that people can get into.

3)  On the green strip of paper, write down a hope or dream that you or someone you may know want to accomplish.

*In groups of 3:  each group will receive a random strip of each colour.  You are to create a skit from the strips of paper…have fun!  Using the story map below will help guide you in your process….

*be prepared to “perform” your skit

*If time, you will have time to work on your Spoken Word