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Tuesday May 21st, 2024

Good Morning!

*Reminder:  Rehearsal After School Today!  Be prepared and ready to go with script.

*Mary Hill Pac babysitting:  Wednesday

*Eating Contest:  what hot sauce to purchase?

*We will do a walk through in class and make sure script, power power point and MCs are all in alignment

*Middle School Presentations

*Themed lunch

Thursday May16th, 2024

Good Morning!

*Volunteer:  Awards night

*Best Buddies:  what is our plan?

Friday May 17th 

Paniz, Jieun,  

*Spirit Assembly:

1) some of you have edits for either your event/ or transition:  are these completed and now able to be added to the powerpoint?

2)  spirit week posters: do we still need time?  We will also need to hang these…

* Themed lunches:  where are we at?

*Middle School Presentations:  you have time to work on these…

Wednesday May 15th, 2024

Good Afternoon!

*No Red Ink:  Body Paragraphs: Continued

*Literature Circles:  make sure your role sheet is ready to go for tomorrow!

*I connected:  You will get a piece of paper and must write down 3-4 ways in which you have connected with your novel so far.

*Conflict:  On a pink piece of paper:    Find quotes from you novel to exemplify the differing types of “Identity” throughout your novel

Conflict Quotes Find Quotes from your novel to indicate “Identity” Explain the Quotes Significance:  “So What” …what does this contribute to plot, theme, character development etc.

Coming down the line:

*Inquiry Project: