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English 10: Thursday September 10, 2015

Good Morning!

Today we are going to be going over the following:

1) Course Outline:  Found in Sharepoint:  You will have to log in to sharepoint under “Classes” ->”Nelson->English 10.  Please bookmark this page…it will save you a lot of time each day.


2) Prose Fiction Terms:  In sharepoint ->English 10 -> Short Stories.  We will go through these terms so please review.

*There will be a Prose Fiction Terms Quiz on Tuesday September 15th.

3)  “The Paper Bag Princess”:  We will read through this children’s story aloud in class.  This is an intro story to our short story unit so we can get familiarized with applying or prose fiction terms to the stories that we read.  You will then complete a “short story summary” for this story (also found in the short story folder on sharepoint).