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English 10: Friday September 11th

Good Morning!

1) Yesterday we read “The Paper Bag Princess”. In addition, we worked on a “short story summary”. Today, we will go over this short story summary sheet sheet.

2) Today we are going to start a new short story by Stuart Mclean called “Sam the Athlete”.  We will read this aloud.

3) Discuss style of writing: In sharepoint, in the writing folder you will find a handout called “What is Style”. We will read this aloud as a class.

Activity:  In groups, we will find examples of different writing techniques that the author Stuart Mclean uses in “Sam the Athlete”.
Highlight and label the examples that you find.  We will have to come back to this activity on Monday as many students were called out for photos.

* Please complete a “Short Story Summary” for “Sam the Athlete”.

*Reminder of our “Prose Ficiton Terms Quiz” on Tuesday.