Legislative & Executive Branches


  • Are the different positions (MP, Senator, PM, Cabinet, GG) compensated appropriately? Explain why or why not.
  • What are the provincial equivalents of MPs, Senators, PMs, Cabinet, and GG called?
  • Is the Senate still needed for Canada? (provide at least two opposing sources). Find a political cartoon about the Senate and explain the message.


Legislative and Executive Branches PPT – download


Collaboration Day 4

Research a social justice campaign that pertains to your topic

  • Why was the campaign successful or not?
  • What elements from the campaign would work for your group?
  • Explain the historical context that influenced this campaign.

After you’ve done your research, share your findings with your group members and start video documenting your findings.

Ways to Make Change


  • Find some examples of successful Canadian lobbies, petitions, and civil disobedience cases and summarize their story (what were they fighting for, how did they achieve this?).
    • In what ways were these changes positive or negative to society?
    • Do you agree with the change and how they went about getting it done?
    • What benefits and drawbacks of each type of change should you consider before using it?



Community Mapping


  1. Make observations in the region according to your sphere
  2. Take pictures and note the location on Google MyMaps
  3. Present finding:
    • What did you see according to your sphere?
    • What are you happy/unhappy with about what you saw?
    • What should we see/experience when we are in these regions? Who would that benefit and how?

Contact Info



  • Does nature create waste?
  • What is the root cause of why we create so much waste? How can this change?

(BONUS) Waste awareness art task


  1. What type of waste do you want people to be aware of?
  2. How will you go about collecting the waste? Where might you store it while you collect it? How long will it take to assemble/disassemble? What will be done with it afterwards? Will there be a standard time-frame? Will you be photographing it?
  3. What is the message you want people to get from your display?
  4. Sketch what you think it will look like in the foyer.

Climate Change and Population?


  • To what extent has the climate changed?
    • Is there a connection between temperature and CO2 levels?
    • Is there a connection between population increase and CO2 levels?
    • What are some of the impacts of climate change?
  • Based on the data, what should we do to lower CO2 emissions?
    • See the Climate Causes below, which ones do you have control over?
  • In what ways does Climate Change become an issue of class?

Population data

CO2 and temp Data

CO2 and temp Data

Climate Causes

Climate Impacts

Population Distribution