Causes of WWI

Causes of WWI PPT


  • What is the historical context that led to WWI and how can they be organized into the themes of: militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism (MAIN)?
  • What was the event that directly started the war?
  • Explain the political cartoon – identify who is being symbolized and explain what the real history was.



Environmental Ethics in Pop Culture

Princess Mononoke:

  1. What ethic do the different main characters exhibit? What examples support this?
  2. What is the ethic of the writer of the film? How do you know?
  3. Which ethic from the film do you side with and why?


  • Find video clips, news stories, commercials, etc (media), that you think has positively affected and negatively affected your environmental ethic. Present and explain how these messages have affected your actions.

Ethic of Care and Environmental Ethic

What is an ethic of care?

What would an ethic of care towards the environment look like?

  1. What would be needed to create it?
  2. What would we have to believe about the environment? How should we see it?
  3. How would we act? – give scenarios
  4. What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?
  5. Should we adopt an ethic of care?

Understanding our Moral and Ethical Compass

What is Utilitarianism/Consequentialism?

What is Deontology?

Elements of Moral Philosophy

  • 1.2 Baby Theresa
  • 1.3 Jodie and Mary
  • 1.4 Tracy Latimer
  • What is Cultural Relativism (2.4 Consequences of Taking Cultural Relativism Seriously – see also 2.2 for what Cultural Relativism is)
    • Is there a universal right or wrong?
    • Should we accept cultural relativism or not?
    • When it comes to the environment, is there a universal right or wrong?

Multiculturalism and Identity

Uniting Canadians


  • What is Canadian identity? Has it changed over time?
  • In 50 years, what would people say about this decade in terms of Canadian identity? (provide examples/evidence)
  • How effective has Canada’s official policy of Multiculturalism been in bringing Canadians together?

Sources to review:

Truth and Reconciliation

Aboriginals PPT

Task (to be posted on your blog):

  • Create a piece of art that you think will help foster reconciliation.


  • Create a new apology that outlines why reconciliation is necessary, what we as Canadians should do, and what you will personally do. (can be a speech or spoken word)


  • To what extent has Canada treated Aboriginal Peoples as second-class citizens? (proof?)
  • What should reconciliation look like for Canada moving forward?


What reconciliation may look like:

Where Are the Children (survivor stories)

Indian Hospital Article

Aboriginal Stats at a Glance (Statcan)


Herstory PPT

Nellie McClung’s Mock Parliament Speech



  • To what extent do the political changes in women’s rights have an impact on society’s perceptions of gender roles?
  • What is the next step for women’s equality?

Background Sources:

Nellie McClung

Women in WWI

Persons Case

Royal Commission on the Status of Women

National Action Committee

General overview:

General overview: United Food and Commercial Workers