Defining Poverty

Review pages 388,392-395

Apply Your Knowledge:

  1. In your own words, explain the problems with measuring poverty (standard of living, absolute vs relative, HDI)
  2. What do you think is the best way to measure poverty in Canada and the world.

Wind Erosion

Read 271-272 + wind-erosion-effects

  1. How can wind eroded landscapes benefit the economy?
  2. If arid regions are generally dry, why is water considered the chief agent in erosion of these areas? (see pg 269)
  3. What concerns with wind erosion would you have in settling deserts or arid environments?
  4. Explain how humans contribute to increased wind erosion?
  5. What can be done to mitigate wind erosion?
  6. How dangerous is wind erosion to human populations? Explain with evidence from your readings.

Wave Erosion

In groups of 3, record and explain the processes (weathering, erosion, deposition?) involved in the formation of:

  • Longshore drift
  • Spit
  • Bar
  • Stack
  • Tombolo

Define all features (even non-listed ones – cave, arch, lagoon, headland, bay, etc.)


  • 1 Grey plastic tray
  • 1 Wooden block
  • Sand (no more than half your tray)
  • Rocks (optional)
  • Water (about 1″ deep)

Post videos to one person’s blog (embed from Youtube or upload to Google Drive and post the link)

See pg 291-297 to review

Poverty Cycle

Devil Plays Hardball

Apply Your Knowledge:

  1. Explain how the person/people in each story from the documentary is trapped in the poverty cycle.
  2. Refer to the poverty cycle on page 404 of your textbook. Pretend that you are the government and provide an intervention at 4 different points of the cycle and explain how and why this intervention would break the poverty cycle at that point.
  3. What should be our general rules/attitude we should take when approaching the issue of solving poverty in our own communities?


Ground Water


Find at least two references that back up your belief about fracking.

  • Write an open letter to the provincial environment minister or your local MLA to persuade them to encourage or discourage LNG development
  • Discuss the effects on ground water resources
  • Provide links to your sources at the end of your letter
  • Post your letter to your blog

Other sources of groundwater contamination

Overpopulation Essay

Population Research Essay:

Key Question: Is overpopulation something the world needs to be concerned with today?

Option 1: YES

Option 2: NO

Goal: Highlight the problem & explain what needs to be done.


  • Thesis
  • Current state of the world (provide data)


  • Prove that it’s a problem by showing what experts say – research needed
  • Find a country that highlights your argument above (pop is growing and problems grow with them) – research pop data
  • Find an article saying overpopulation isn’t a problem, summarize their main points and explain the flaws in their explanation – research needed


  • Highlight the prominence of the issue
  • If this is such a problem, what might need to be done?

Goal: Prove that there is no problem.


  • Thesis
  • Current state of the world (provide data)


  • Find an article saying overpopulation is a problem, summarize it and explain the flaws in their explanation – research needed
  • Prove that there is no problem by showing what experts say – research needed
  • Find a country that highlights your argument above (pop is growing but fewer problems) – research pop data


  • Highlight why people are overreacting
  • If population isn’t the problem, what might be the real problem?



Does Not Meet Minimally Meets Meets Exceeds
Argument(10) Lack of thesis, points are irrelevant, writing has no flow, no attempt to lead to a logical conclusion Thesis is present but may be unclear, details may lack relevancy, may be discontinuous, conclusion is not explained logically Clear thesis, relevant supporting details, flows well, logical conclusion Clear thesis present throughout, all facts are relevant to the thesis, flows well, specific data used to highlight the argument, logical conclusion
Knowledge checklist:Population growth (rate), birth rate, death rate, natural increase, Demographic Transition Model or population pyramid, dependency ratio, distribution and density, doubling time, carrying capacity, (10) Minimal mention of the key terms Essay lacks an attempt to address some of the most relevant terms Essay addresses and shows an understanding of most terms All terms incorporated or expanded upon and all are discussed in the essay with specific real world facts and with an understanding of their effects on populations
Works Cited(5) One or fewer sources listed

2-4 sources listedOR not cited properly


no in-text citations

At least 5 sources cited properly with in- text citations At least 5 sources cited properly with careful consideration towards the credibility of the sources and uses in-text citations




Useful links:

US Census

UN Data

Google Public Data Explorer

TED – Conversations on Overpopulation

TED – Watch Population Videos

Population Research Instititue – Overpopulation Is A Myth

World Overpopulation Awareness

David Suzuki Foundation

China’s One Child Policy – Should we all follow suit?

China, Unnatural Selection

China’s Two Child Policy


Apply Your Knowledge:

Answer the following questions first:

  1. Is the One Child Policy key to controlling China’s population? Explain why.
  2. Is the Policy fair for citizen’s rights? Explain why.
  3. Has the Policy caused more good or bad? Explain why. (can be qualitative or quantitative)


  1. Read the following debate, for each of your answers above, state what the best opposing argument is and explain why or why it doesn’t change your thinking.

Fluvial Processes

Fluvial Processes PPT

Red River Case Study:





  1. Identify the type of drainage basin.
  2. Where does the Red River drain into?
  3. Use specific characteristics to identify the age type of the Red River.
  4. What type of soil is most common? Explain why.
  5. On the “Pattern of lateral channel migration” map, indicate where there would be erosion, deposition and levees
    • Sketch how this area would look if oxbow lakes were formed
  6. Explain what some appropriate land uses for flood plains would be.
  7. Which flood year was the worst for Winnipeg? Explain why.
  8. See “TOP 10 RED RIVER FLOODS SINCE 1800”, how can you explain why in 1826, the river was only 2 feet higher than in 1852 yet there was an extra 60,000 cubic feet of water whereas between 1996 and 2006, there was a similar rise in the river but only 9000 more cubic feet of water.
    • Why does this make flooding around the Red River more dangerous than an area like Vancouver at the end of the Fraser River?
  9. Explain how floodways on the Red River work to keep Winnipeg safe.
  10. What secondary system is in place to protect the Red River Valley from floods? Explain how it works.
  11. Why would ice mitigation help prevent a flood?
  12. What areas would be affected by flooding of the Fraser? Would Winnipeg’s flood safety plan be necessary for the lower Fraser River? Explain why or why not.

Review pages 257-265

Population Distribution

Review pages 380-383 (Counterpoints – Chapter 11)


Apply Your Knowledge:

  1. Read pages 378-379
    • Define Pessimists/Malthusians, Neo Malthusians, and Optimists/cornucopians
  2. Watch Unreported World: Kenya’s Human Time Bomb and Hans Rosling’s TED Talk: Global population growth, box by box.
    • State which category from #1 do the two videos fit into
    • Explain by providing quotes and timestamps from the video that justifies your categorization

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