Discrimination Project Day 2

To do before the end of class

  • Preliminary inquiry question

To do before November 2nd

  • Research ideas, facts and figures about the extent of this discrimination and record info on group document. Each person should have two-three sources each. The group should have at least one source from each category below:
    • Non-fiction 
    • Fiction – movie, novel, short story, poem, song
    • One source explored in class
    • One source contrary to your belief/values (says it’s not a problem)
    • Personal Interview
  • The research needs to be complete before Nov. 2nd

Spheres & Interactions

Community Mapping Pt 4:

  • find examples of:
    • 4 spheres
    • interactions between 4 spheres
  • which examples of interactions have positive or negative effects on humans?

Human Interactions

Community Mapping Pt3:

  1. Observe and report on:
    • Observations of  Ecosphere, Technosphere and Sociosphere
    • Good interactions and bad interactions?

Read “Rediscovering Geography” – Chapter 3, page 34-36

How can we help alleviate poverty?

For tomorrow – be able to tell a story about a time when you experienced discrimination (seen it or it happened to you).

  • What happened?
  • How did you feel about it and why?
  • Why do you think this kind of discrimination exists?
  • How has it impacted who you are ever since?



  • What are some examples of SAPs and their effects?
  • Should children be allowed to work?
  • How would you explain the poverty cycle for women, children, and those with HIV/AIDS?
  • Find a Kiva story to present to the class.


Movement and Scale

Community Mapping Pt 2:

  1. Observe and report back on:
    • Examples of movement (goods, people, ideas)
    • What are the local, regional and world effects of the movement you see? (scale)
    • How would you define your region? Explain.
    • Good and the bad?

Read “Rediscovering Geography” – Chapter 3, page 32-34




Do the middle and upper class have the responsibility to help those in poverty? If we choose to help them, what should we keep in mind before we start anything?