Uniting Canadians


  • Counterpoints, Chapter 6, pp 176-177
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 7, pp 211, 215, 224-225
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 8, pp 246-247, 262-263
  • PPT – Uniting Canadians

Understand the significance of the following:

  • Massey Commission
  • CRTC
  • Postwar immigration policies
  • Policy of Multiculturalism
  • New Flag
  • Expo 67 (Canada’s Centennial Celebrations)
  • Western Regionalism
  • NEP
  • 1972 Summit Series
  • Multiculturalism Act
  • Meech Lake Accord
  • Charlottetown Accord

Reflection – Choose ONE of the following to write a reflection on.

  • (Significance) What does the Canadian flag symbolize? How accurate of a symbol for Canada is it?
  • (Significance) Watch Expo 67 – Canada Pavilion. With references to what you saw, how accurate of a depiction of Canada was it?
  • (Ethical Judgement) With reference to the terms above, how successful has Canada been in creating a multicultural nation? What further steps does Canada need to take to strengthen this element of multiculturalism?
  • (Significance) Watch Design Canada. How has design reflected and shaped our Canadian identity?

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