Canada at the Turn of the Century (20th Century)


1.In a group, look over the images for your city

2.Pretend that these are old photos in your personal photo album and create a fictional explanation of what was happening (what was life like?)

3.Create a backstory that includes all your group members

4.Present your photos to the class

Winnipeg Vancouver Toronto Quebec City Montreal Calgary



Chapter 1, pages 6-19 as in introduction to the 20th Century (a bit of a review from last year)

Globe and Mail – Life in Canada at the Turn of the 20th Century

What is a Cold War?

Attain and Apply Your Knowledge:

Create a simple comic strip depicting a conversation between Russia and America about the causes of the Cold War:

Show an understanding of:

  • The definition of a Cold War
  • Causes of the Cold War (Ideological differences, Differing aims, Historical animosity)
  • UN
  • Alliances

Focus on illustrations/symbols, not just words and people.

Beginnings of the Cold Warnotes

Hiroshima – End of WWII

Apply Your Knowledge:


Ask a friend/family member/other teacher if they think that the American use of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a “Necessary Evil”.

  • Use your knowledge of Japan’s military status to help them understand

Sub Question: Could it be argued as a crime against humanity? Hate crime? War crime?

Record your conversation and post on your blog.



WWI VS WWII on the homefront worksheet


Apply Your Knowledge:

Take someone on a tour of the GVRD during WWII. Use your knowledge of: Women’s roles, Japanese Internment, War Economy, Conscription, and Social change to explain the historical background of the images.

Bonus: provide video evidence of your discussion



Canadian Homefrontnotes

Major Events of WWII

Research the following Canadian Battles of WWII:

Battle of the Atlantic

Hong Kong




Liberation of Netherlands

  1. In groups of 3, delegate 2 battles for each group member to research
    • find out the causes, components, and consequences of each battle
    • find out how Canada participated in the battle
  2. Create a video discussion sharing your findings and coming to a consensus on defining Canada’s role in battle during WWII and your justifications for it.

Timeline of WWIInotes

Canada Prepares for War

Review pg: 130-132 (Ch 5)

Apply Your Knowledge:

  1. Explain how Canada’s decision to go to war in WWII was different than WWI
  2. What were the BCATP and CD Howe’s Total War economy?
  3. Come up with a statement that the best describes Canada’s attitude towards WWII and support it by referring to the evidence from the class and the textbook (#1-2 above).