Course Outline

Social Studies 10

Teacher: Mr. Chan

E-Text: Counterpoints

Required Materials: Laptop (Preferred), tablet, charger, head/earphones, textbook pdfs, mouse (optional)

Course Description/ Objective:

Social studies, as defined in BC curricula, is a multidisciplinary subject that draws from the social sciences and humanities to study human interaction and natural and social environments.

The aim of social studies is to develop thoughtful, and responsible citizens who are able to acquire the requisite information to consider multiple perspectives and to defend a position. The Social Studies 10 curriculum provides students with opportunities to critically reflect upon events and issues in order to examine the past and make connections. Through their participation in social studies, students are encouraged to:

  • develop an appreciation of democracy and what it means to be Canadian
  • demonstrate respect for human equality and cultural diversity
  • think critically, evaluate information, and practice effective communication

The study of social studies contributes to the important goal of preparing students for their lives as Canadian citizens and members of the international community.


1) Demography and Government

  • Political ideologies
  • Overpopulation
  • Poverty
  • Environment
  • Government
  • Law

2) Canadian History – Autonomy

  • WWI
  • Interwar Period
  • WWII
  • Cold War

3) Canadian History – Identity

  • Womens’ Rights
  • Reconciliation
  • Multiculturalism
  • Quebec Nationalism
  • Human Rights


  • Discrimination Course Project
  • Political Change Proposal
  • Autonomy Essay
  • Canadian Identity Art

Class Policies:

  • This class is built upon reciprocity
  • Take everything you brought into the class out with you
  • Electronic devices are to be used to help learn the course content
  • Be honest about your work

Late Policy: 

  • Projects handed in after the deadline and up to 2 weeks after the deadline will receive a maximum of 73% – after 2 weeks, projects can only be made up after school under supervision and can only receive a maximum of 73%

How to succeed in Mr Chan’s class:

  • be open minded
  • use class time to learn the course content
  • put sincere thought into your work
  • complete your assignments
  • attend class
  • understand that you’re not here to be entertained, you’re here to learn
  • be respectful of others

Office Hours and Contact:

  • Generally from after school until 5:00pm
  • Emails sent after 5:00pm will be responded to the following day


86 – 100 = A

73 – 85 =  B

67 – 72 =  C+

66 – 60 =  C

59 – 50 =  C-

Marks will be averaged based on your best mark on each of the following curricular competencies:

-Use Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to ask questions; gather,
interpret, and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions
-Assess the significance of people, places, events, or developments,
and compare varying perspectives on their significance at particular times
and places, and from group to group (significance)
-Assess the justification for competing accounts after investigating points of
contention, reliability of sources, and adequacy of evidence, including data
-Compare and contrast continuities and changes for different groups at
particular times and places (continuity and change)
-Assess how underlying conditions and the actions of individuals or groups
influence events, decisions, or developments, and analyze multiple
consequences (cause and consequence)
-Explain and infer different perspectives on past or present people, places,
issues, or events by considering prevailing norms, values, worldviews,
and beliefs (perspective)
-Make reasoned ethical judgments about actions in the past and present, and
assess appropriate ways to remember and respond (ethical judgment)

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