1. Divide up responsibilities and start step #3: Global Research
    • Document your research
  2. Attempt at least one intended household or personal action by tomorrow. Record your actions (or describe them if recording is not possible) and thoughts after action.

Deforestation Time Lapse


BC Forestry Industry Economics


How sustainable is BC’s Forestry Industry?

  1. Define and list the benefits and drawbacks of:
    • Clearcutting & Silviculture
    • Selective Logging
  2. Answer the key question above.
    • Support your opinion with reference to the readings below.

Energy Part 2

1) Compare your survey to others and find a group of 3 who shares similar values

  • also check to see if someone knows how to create a video

2) As a group, read over summaries and choose one Action Pack


Action Packs (each group member downloads their own):

Pre-cycling Transportation
Costly Trends Papercuts
Disposables Bright Energy
Recycling Saving Water
All Packaged Up Being Chill – Heating Up
Into The River Oceanwise
Organic Waste All That Glitters
Acidic Oceans Oil


3) Complete Step #2 (Action Survey)



1) Go over project

2) Complete Step #1

Download, complete and save the following:


Alternative Electricity Sources?

In groups, research your alternative energy source and sell your energy to the class by preparing a:

  1. Brief explanation of how it works (1)
  2. List of benefits and drawbacks. Explain why your energy source is sustainable (is it renewable or not?) (1)
  3. Case study of successful implementation (1)
    • Where is the case and what organizations are involved?
    • What data supports the fact that your energy source is successful?
  4. Defence of your energy source (2)
    • Understand the benefits of your source of energy
    • Understand why your energy source is more beneficial than others
    • Prepare questions to criticize other energy sources


Sustainability Or Regeneration?

End Civ

Note down the challenges of achieving sustainability:

Social Challenges

Economic Challenges

Political Challenges

On your blog:

  1. With reference to End Civ, assess the social, political and economic challenges of achieving global sustainability.
  2. Read:
    • What are we sustaining? What is harmful about our current ways?
    • Should we aim for sustainability of regeneration?

Wind Erosion

Read 271-272 + wind-erosion-effects

  1. How can wind eroded landscapes benefit the economy?
  2. If arid regions are generally dry, why is water considered the chief agent in erosion of these areas? (see pg 269)
  3. What concerns with wind erosion would you have in settling deserts or arid environments?
  4. Explain how humans contribute to increased wind erosion?
  5. What can be done to mitigate wind erosion?
  6. How dangerous is wind erosion to human populations? Explain with evidence from your readings.