French Nationalism


  • Counterpoints, Chapter 2, p 49 (Review)
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 3, p 78 (Review)
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 4, p 107 (Review)
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 6, pp 182-183
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 7, pp 217-221
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 8, pp 257, 264
  • PPT – Quebec Nationalism

Understand the significance of the following:

  • Conscription
  • Union Nationale
  • Le Grande Noirceur
  • Padlock Laws
  • Maurice Duplessis
  • The Quiet Revolution
  • Jean Lesage
  • Front du Liberation du Quebec (aka FLQ)
  • Parti Quebecois (PQ)
  • Rene Levesque
  • Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism
  • 1969 Official Languages Act
  • October Crisis (& War Measures Act)
  • Bill 101
  • 1980 Referendum
  • “distinct society”
  • Clarity Act

Concepts to understand (test yourself):

  • How would you describe Canada’s relationship with Quebec in the 20th Century? What does this say about our identity?
  • Why was there a rise in separatism?

Reflection – Choose ONE of the following to write a reflection on:

  • (Ethical Judgement/Evidence) To what extent was Canada’s interactions with Quebec an example of successful multiculturalism? (in the 20th century)
  • (Ethical Judgement/Evidence) Have the French been treated as second class citizens in Canada? Explain using examples from the 20th Century.
  • (Ethical Judgement) Should Quebec be given recognition as a distinct society in our constitution? Explain why or why not.
  • (Continuity & Change/Evidence) Do some research online, what is the current status and feeling around Quebec Separatism? Provide some evidence.

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