Course Outline For: Social Studies 9

Teacher: Mr. Chan

Email: brchan@sd43.bc.ca

E-Text: Crossroads & Horizons

Student Materials: Students are expected to have a digital device that can open and edit Word documents, can view PDFs, and has a file storage system. Laptops are preferred. Smart phones are not acceptable for student work.


Social Studies 9 follows the curriculum learning standards found here on the Ministry’s website.  The assessments will focus on applying the 6 concepts of historical thinking to historical events that affected the development of Canada between 1600-1914.


  1. Physical Geography of Canada
  2. Industrial Revolution in Britain
  3. The Fight for North America (Seven Years War, American Revolution, War of 1812)
  4. Society in Canada in the 19th Century
  5. The Creation of the Dominion of Canada
  6. Canada Expands West
  7. BC History


How to survive Social Studies 9

  • Respect others around you
  • Use class time appropriately
  • Don’t go home without knowing what to do
  • Complete your assignments as instructed
  • If you miss class, you need to see me after school

Office Hours and Contact

  • Generally from after school until 5:00pm
  • Emails sent after 5:00pm will be responded to the following day

Late Policy: Late assignments will receive a maximum of 73%


86 – 100% = A

73 – 85% =  B

67 – 72% =  C+

60 – 66% =  C

50 – 59% =  C-

0 – 49% =  F

Video Discussion                 15%

Unit Assessments                85%



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