Geography 12 Outline

Course Outline

Geography 12

Teacher: Mr. Chan


Text: Planet Earth: A Physical Geography

Course Description/ Objective:

Geography is a discipline that encompasses information, concepts, and methods from many fields of study. It addresses both the physical and human-created systems of the world through the study of people, places, and environments. As an ever-increasing world population puts more and more demands on the planet’s resources, there is a need for a society that is geographically literate and therefore able to make informed decisions about the sustainability of the Earth’s resources and the future of the planet.

The geographically literate student is able to interpret the landscape and understand the interconnections between his or her actions and the Earth’s physical systems. This understanding is important in order for students to make informed decisions and take appropriate action to manage the Earth’s resources in a responsible manner. Through the study of geography, students can develop an understanding of how local, regional, and global environments affect them.

 (Geography 12 : integrated resource package 2006)


1) 5 Themes of Geography

2) Tectonic Processes

3) Degradation Processes

4) Weather & Climate

5) Biomes

6) Resources


How to approach Mr Chan’s class:

  • This class is built upon reciprocity.
  • Use the class time that is available to learn.
  • You are not here to compete.
  • In the end, you are responsible for your own learning.

Late Policy: Late assignments will receive a maximum of 73%

Missed Tests: You will receive a zero for the test until I have heard from your guardian

Office Hours and Contact:

  • Generally from after school until 5:00pm
  • Emails sent after 5:00pm will be responded to the following day

86 – 100 = A

73 – 85 =  B

67 – 72 =  C+

60 – 66 =  C

50 – 59 =  C-

Assignments/Homework       10%

Unit Projects                             60%

Tests                                           30%



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