Herstory: Womens’ Rights in Canada


  • Counterpoints, Chapter 2, pp 46-47 (Review)
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 3, pp 72-73 (Review)
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 4, pp 98-100 (Review)
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 5, pp 153-154 (Review)
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 6, p 171
  • Counterpoints, Chapter 7, p 208, 210
  • PPT – Herstory

Understand the significance of the following:

  • WCTU & Prohibition
  • Women’s contributions to WWI
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Person’s Case
  • Women’s contributions to WWII
  • Royal Commission on the Status of Women
  • National Action Committee

Concepts to understand (test yourself):

  • What does the story of women’s rights say about Canadian identity?

Reflection – Choose ONE of the following to reflect on:

  • (Continuity & Change) To what extent do the political changes in women’s rights have an impact on society’s perceptions of gender roles?
  • (Ethical Judgement) Provide some examples from your life that highlight what direction women’s rights needs to go next.
  • (Ethical Judgement) Watch Michelle Miller’s TED Talk. What is her message and in what ways do you agree or disagree with her? Provide some real life observations that support your or her statements.

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