Lesson 2: Canada in the Great Depression

*bit of a longer one, I’d do this over 2 days.


Understand the significance of the following:

  • Old Age Pension Act
  • Treatment of recent immigrants
  • Pogey
  • Riding the Rods
  • Prairie Droughts (Dustbowl)
  • Mackenzie King’s “Five Cent Speech”
  • R.B. Bennett’s New Deal
  • Bennett Buggies, Bennett Barnyards, Bennett Blankets, etc.
  • Shantytowns/ the Jungle
  • Communist Party of Canada
  • Relief Act/ Relief Camps
  • Letters to Bennett
  • On to Ottawa Trek
  • CCF Party
  • Social Credit Party
  • Maurice Duplessis & Nationalism
  • Dufferin Patullo
  • 1938 Vancouver Relief Demonstration (Riot)
  • 1935 Mackenzie King’s Re-election
  • National Employment Commission
  • Rowell-Sirois Commission
  • Equalization payments

Concepts to understand (test yourself):

  • How would you explain Canada’s reaction to the Great Depression with reference to the political spectrum? Be able to reference specific terms as examples.

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