$20 Potato Day

Group Members: Maryam, Liam, Katie

Unit 6, Block B

Total Cost: $12.98

Breakfast – Potato Pancake

Shallow-fried pancake made of grounded or grated potatoes, flour and eggs. Goes well with sour cream.


Russet potatoes 5lb- $2.47

Celery $1.67

Onions 3lb- $1.97

Great Value Half & Half Cream 1L for $2.47

Salt and Pepper- Staple


Lunch – Potato Salad

Mashed potatoes with added vegetables. The mayonnaise gives the salad a sticky texture, and flavour. You can add other ingredients such as bacon to add more flavour to the salad.


1.5lb Potatoes(from leftover potato from breakfast)

1/4 cup Chopped Onion(use onion from before)

1 tsp Salt – Staple

1/8 cup Vegetable Oil – Staple

1/4cup Cider Vinegar (500ml Great Value – $1.47)

1 tbsp Dried Parsley

Black Pepper – Staple


Dinner – Potato Soup

Small diced potatoes added with flour and cream to form a liquid state. Other ingredients such as onions, salt and pepper are added for flavouring.


4 Potatoes(from before)

1 Yellow Onion(from before)

1 Egg (dozen- $2.93)

1 tsp Salt – Staple

2 tbsp Flour – Staple

Black Pepper – Staple

2 cups Vegetable Oil – Staple

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