Weekend in Poetry and News Report

Yesterday afternoon, 14-year-old Liam Campbell was out side with three others doing random things such as climbing mounds of snow, going to malls, and jumping over things.

His friends say he also jumped over a fence into snow that turned out to be ice, and he also fell off a slide. No injuries occurred during the day for them.

Tons of snow falls from the air,

Four teenagers jump everywhere.

One by one, they fall off a slide,

But the great part is, nobody died!

We all jump on mounds of snow,

It wasn’t allowed, but we didn’t know.

We all buy warms drinks to hold,

At the same time, saying “It’s not that cold.”

    All four ran into the mall,

Completely soaked, jackets and all.

One by one, we all retreat,

Back to our homes, admitting defeat.