Exploring War Tactics

This is a presentation of some of the tactics that were used by both the Entente and the Alliance during the first world war.



Discussion Questions:

Had the Alliance played their cards better, do you think they could have won the war using the tactics that they used?

Had the Archduke, Franz Ferdinand not been assassinated, do you think war would have begun? If you believe the war would still start, explain your reasoning.

Canada’s Role in 20th Century Conflicts

  • First World War (1914-1918)
    • Involved 9 European countries, 3 North American Countries, 1 South American Country, South Africa and Australia Against Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria
    • Events: German Submarine manages to sink Lusitania, a ship that carried 1,200 people. Battle of Belleau Wood happens, causing many casualties to occur.
    • Number of Canadian Casualties: 216,724
    • Outcome of World War 1: Created a treaty known as the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ in which managed to end World War 1. It also collapsed some empires
    • Long Term Outcomes of World War 1: Ended the German, Russian, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires. It also created new countries in Europe.
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
    • Nations involved were: 21 European Countries, 3 North American, Brazil, 5 Asian, 2 African, Australia and New Zealand.
    • Major Events: Began the assault/mass murder on Jewish people. Germany’s first major defeat. Hitler ends up ending his own life so he wouldn’t be taken by the enemies.
    • Canada’s Casualties: Around 100,300
    • Outcome of World War 2: Both the Japanese and Italian empire fell. Collapsed the Third Reich. Began the Cold War
    • Long-term Impacts of World War 2: Created the United Nations.
  • Korean War (1950-1953)
    • Nations involved were: 6 Asian Countries, United Nations, US, Canada, 7 European, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Columbia
    • Major Events: Korea divided into North and South Korea. North Korean Capital went under UN Control.
    • Canada’s Casualties: 1,568
    • Outcome of the Korean War: Ended in a Ceasefire
    • Long-term Impacts: Still remained split. Remained with a communist government.
  • Rwandan Civil War (1990-1994)
    • ┬áNations Involved: United Nations, FPR, Gov’ Rwanda, Zaire, Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi
    • Major Events: Rwandan Genocide
    • Canada’s Casualties: 1
    • Outcomes of the Rwandan Civil War: Ended the Genocide
    • Long-term Impacts: FPR Took over Rwanda
  • Russian Civil War (1918-1920)
    • Nations Involved: White Movement, 14 European Nations, US, Canada, Estonia, and 3 Asian Nations.
    • Major Events: Lenin was shot in face and shoulder in an attempted assassination, but survived.
    • Canada’s Casualties: 38
    • Outcomes of the Russian Civil War: Bolshevik victory over the White Army.
    • Long-term Impacts: Soviet Union became new power in Russia.