Science app review

App Review                                    By: Liam


  1.  A question you could answer using this app is: What if you forget the name or picture of a component in circuits?
  2. Some sort of app that helps you memorize them somehow? Like matching them together? This app has a lot of different uses. Something like flash cards but digitally. Almost like someone is there with you to help you remember, but instead of a person its a computer.
  3. The app I found that helps with that is called “Totally Matching Components” which is available on the windows app store. I found this by looking up “Electricity” in the games category, so it’s easy to find. This app is also free so it is accessible. It’s also available on mobile, so you can play it while doing something else such as riding the bus home. There’s also a competitive part of the game where you can compete against your classmates, the faster you finish, the more points you get. Competition is good because it would help them memorize faster because you are trying to beat other people.
  4. Totally Matching Components is a game where you have to match the name and the picture of a component together until you get all of them matched. This will help in case you have to draw a picture of a component in a circuit but forget what it looks like, it helps you memorize it.
  5. I didn’t play very many rounds, and I have memorized some of them already, so it helps fast. I think this could be used for science class to help kids remember terms and symbols. I think this would be really great to have in class.