Narrative Poem – La Luna

On a small family trip

In a small family ship

They find the closest spot to the moon.

And on it, they’ll be, quite soon

They scale their way to the top

With a broom, and a mop

Until a small comet crashes down

Making the kid turn around

And investigate what he saw

Then in came his Pa, 

And the grandfather as well

Both of which, tried to tell

The kid to clean up the place

With one of their brooms, he must decide with haste. 

But a giant star flies into view

And it seems no matter what they do

The star can’t be moved, it can’t be budged.

At least, that’s what the elders judged.

But the kid suddenly found the answer

As he climbed up top with his tiny hammer

He barely hit, and it shattered

Into tiny pieces which scattered

And fell to the ground, shining bright

Illuminating the dark night 

They began cleaning up the mess with a broom

Into a crescent shape of the moon