How do you identify Canada being Canadian?

The news article here states that Canada has hosted a ‘pride house’ at the Olympics. This shows that Canada is very inclusive towards everyone, including people apart of the LGBT community. To me, this does show Canadian Identity because I see places everywhere including as many people as possible, and not excluding people because of their race, gender, etc. I think nowadays, most cultures would think that Canada is a very inclusive country, as Canada has welcomed refugees as well, which means that we’re helping them out by giving them a place to stay.


Meanwhile, the blog post here says that Canada has the most kind economy in the world. The author realized once he moved to Canada that Canadians are united by their differences, making them become stronger than otherwise, as they respect each other regardless. Where I’ve been, the large majority of the people tend to help others out when needed, showing kindness towards each other. We also have a very diverse economy that are all respected by others. Since Canada is known to be a peaceful country, most cultures would again, probably agree that Canadians would be very kind, but might not say that they are the kindest people in the world.