TKAMB Timeline

Chapter One:

  • Scout and Jem meet Dill over summer when Scout was 6 and Jem was 10, and they instantly became friends after a small conversation, which Scout and Jem were happy about.

Chapter Two:

  • Jem, who’s had experience with the first grade, calms Scout from stressing about why she got in trouble for already knowing how to read, which made Scout a bit more calm and she stopped being upset.

Chapter Three:

  • Scout and Jem welcomed Walter Cunningham to their house after Scout was mad at him for getting her in trouble, which made Cunningham happy that Scout didn’t hurt him anymore, and they let him eat dinner. Scout them judged Walter for pouring syrup on all of his food, but Calpurnia stopped her and told her not to do so, because he’s a guest and can eat however he likes to eat.

Chapter Four:

  • Scout finds items inside of a tree next to the Radley place, and tells Jem about it, and they bring the items home to inspect them more, which made Jem think a lot about it, as he kept trying to figure out who put them there, and why they put them there. They decided not to tell Atticus about it.

Chapter Five:

  • Jem, Scout and Dill attempted to send a letter to Boo Radley, that nicely asks him to come outside sometime, but they were caught by Atticus, who quickly stopped them from giving Boo Radley the letter. The kids felt sad about not being able to give him the letter, and Atticus was probably mildly annoyed that the kids were trying to torment someone because they never come out of their house.

Chapter Six:

  • Dill, Scout, and Jem tried to get to a window at the Radley Place, when Mr. Radley caught them, and shot a warning shot into the air, which scared all of them, and made them run away. Mr. Radley believed it to be a black man in his crops, and nobody knew that it was actually the kids, so they decided not to mention that it was them.

Chapter Seven:

  • When Jem went back to grab his pants from when he left them behind, they were sewn and neatly folded, which freaked him out, making him silent for some time at the beginning of the chapter.
  • They also found a soap carving of them, which again, made them question who made it.

Chapter Eight:

  • Miss Maudie’s house caught fire, and while Scout was looking at the fire, Boo Radley had put a blanket over her to keep her warm, but she didn’t notice. Once Atticus told Scout and Jem that Boo Radley did it, they both were shocked, and annoyed at Scout for not turning around and seeing him.

Chapter Nine:

  • Atticus tells Scout about himself defending Tom Robinson in court, and how they would most likely not win, because jury almost never side with a black man. Scout then questions why Atticus will even try to win it, and Atticus just says that there would be no point not to do so.

Chapter Ten:

  • Atticus is forced to shoot a mad dog who was in Maycomb, after Jem believed his father was nothing special. After it, Jem started to look up to his father again, and believed him to be cooler than before.

Chapter Eleven:

  • After Jem had to read to Mrs. Dubose for a month, she eventually passed away because of her sickness. Atticus told Jem about her sickness, and why she was always mean, and this began to change Jem’s mind about her, and felt empathetic for her.

Chapter Twelve:

  • Calpurnia brought Jem and Scout to her church, where at first, Jem and Scout were not welcomed to by Lula, who wanted them to go to their own church, and not be in theirs. After that, the other people welcomed them. Jem and Scout learned more about how similar their church was to theirs.