Math Art on Desmos

For this project, we had to create an image of Santa using Desmos with functions and relations. This graph shows Santa’s beard, eyes, face, and hat, all of which were created using domains, Ranges, functions and relations.


Above are all the equations and inequalities I used to create the picture of Santa. I started off with his circular face, and used the first expression shown above to do so. I then made his eyes, which were made using the same type of expression, but more numbers, as shown as the fourth and fifth expressions on the list. I then created the hat, using the second, third, sixth and seventh expressions on the list, and then his beard, using parabola’s with the eighth and ninth expressions, and then lastly his pompom part on his hat, using the last expression.

Overall, I think this seemed to be a bit challenging at first, because I didn’t instantly know what I was doing, but once I got into doing it, I found it a lot easier to manipulate the certain lines and circles to go exactly where I wanted them to go.