Great Chili Cook-Off

On day one, we chose our recipe after finding many other recipes that could have worked, but we decided to go with this one, called the “Big Red Chili” then, we converted all of the ingredients from imperial to metric. We also came of with our group name, “Chili Chongas” from one of group members saying the name aloud, and decided it was a good name.

On day two, we used our ingredients to see what we had in the classroom, and what we had to buy, or bring from home, and a lot of our ingredients except beef broth and corn, in which we had to buy with our five dollar budget.

On day three, we cooked the chili, and in the beginning, the chili was extremely soupy, because we added too much tomato sauce, and beef broth, and it never got thicker. We ended up adding more tomato paste, and it ended up getting thick. We almost ran out of time while cleaning all of the dishes and the unit, one of our group members tried the chili while it was boiling hot, so he burnt his tongue and got blisters the next day, but he recovered fine.

On day four, We simmered the chili for about forty minutes, while making the cheese braid. Our three strips of dough that was ready to braid, was quite uneven, but we managed to fix it and make it okay, however, the bottom of the cheese braid, was a little brown, but the rest was golden. After the cheese braid finished, the judges arrived, and they started tasting each unit’s chili. We went second, so our chili didn’t get too cold before they tasted it. For our presentation, we put cheese, parsley, and sour cream on top of the chili, and put the cheese braid piece on the side.

Today (Day 5), we found out that our chili got second place, right behind table one, because ours was a little too sweet.



5 servings



225 g lean ground beef


1 carrots, shredded


1/2 large onion, chopped


2 cloves garlic, minced


15ml chili powder


4ml ground cumin


1ml dried oregano leaves, crushed


540 ml kidney beans, rinsed


398ml diced tomatoes, undrained


142ml  25%-less-sodium beef broth


64ml chopped green chiles, undrained


177ml frozen corn


125ml Cracker Barrel Shredded Tex Mex Cheese


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