literature individual project

Everyone has felt like they are being watched at one point in their life, but nothing like Marcus. Marcus is a 17 year old teen in grade 12 and is kind of a nerd, he is super into technology and hacking but one day when he skips school the day a bridge gets blown up he gets into some serious trouble. The moral of this story is to not get your freedom taken away and that you are always being watched.

Marcus gets his freedom taken away by a organization called the DHS. This is because a bridge blows up and him and his friends are suspects. The DHS hides a chip in Marcuse’s computer, Marcus finds this when he sees that his computer wasn’t level so he looked on the side and it wasn’t closed properly, so he looks inside and sees the chip that wasn’t there before. Because Marcus found a chip in his computer he is super paranoid of there being other things n his room. He thinks that there are cameras or microphones in his room because he is super paranoid after finding the chip.

These days there are cameras literally everywhere, on the streets in your phones in shops. These days it is almost impossible not to be tracked down and because of this no one has real freedom. Because Marcus is always being watched he gives up being a role model for everyone on xnet because he doesn’t want to get in trouble, and go through what he went through last time. Also through out the story he find DHS agents or what he thinks are DHS agents following him and watching him, like on his way home from the fairy thing there were two muscular big men following him around.

Throughout the story Marcus is forced to give away his private information to the DHS. Its ironic because Marcus likes to keep his life private and is kind of shy. When severe haircut lady questioned him, he didn’t want to tell her anything even when he said he doesn’t have anything to hide. He thinks he should not have to prove he is innocent by showing that he has nothing to hide. Although he doesn’t have anything illegal in his phone or computer, he has information about himself and his friends that he doesn’t want shared, like all the hacking, skipping school and other things he doesn’t want other people to know. Also one of the big things in the story is to not blindly follow, like when Ange wanted to go to that concert even though it was illegal, and Marcus just went with her because he liked her so much. it’s the same with the vampire game in the city mall, and he ended up getting way worse consequences from that.

So the moral of the story was to not let your freedom get taken away and you are always being watched. Marcus has done some dumb stuff like blindly follow Ange skip school and get pretty much arrested because of it and also not fight back against the DHS at first. But what do you thing would have happened if he didn’t skip school, would the same thing happen, would none of this happen?