Spoken word

Honestly there is no real one answer to this question

And everyone could have a different answer to this question depending on their outlook on life.

To me the meaning of life is that there is no meaning, I think everyone has a purpose, and was put on this earth for a reason, but I don’t believe there is an actual meaning. Because No one really knows what we are doing here and how we got here and without that, how are we supposed to know what the meaning of us being here is.

I mean, there are theories such as god or the big bang and evolution

But no one really knows for sure, and we probably will never actually know.

My question is what are we all working towards, we put all our energy and time into school just to go to do more school which requires more time and energy doing the same thing, and then we work for the rest of our lives?

I feel like school and the world of technology really distracts us from this question that we all need to find in ourselves. A question that is more important than school or work, because why work when you don’t know what you are working for.

Recently I have learned to try my best to not stress over school and work because you need to enjoy life and live a little  while you are still here.

But, if we can’t figure out our purpose for coming to exist on this planet, if we cant figure out why or how the universe came into being, then our purpose is whatever we want it to be You get one life to do whatever you want, if you think your purpose is to sit around and play games all day or to create a multi billion dollar company is up to you.

My grandpa helped me realize my purpose of life, after he passed away, I realized that you and the people around you won’t be here forever. He helped pave the way to my answer, my purpose of life. Which I believe is to be as kind as possible, to raise positivity in others and to always try to make the world a better place no matter how small of an act, because I believe that life is too short to be angry and hostile towards others and you should always try your best to be nice because after you die you don’t want people to remember you as someone bad, you want to live the best life you can and be remembered for the good person you are.