France and North America

How did France expand its control in North America France expanded its control in North America in several ways. One way it expanded was infrastructure such as lumber mills, tanneries, and breweries was established. Also sending settlers and over 1000 women to new France which would help it grow in population and helping people settle down. Also people encouraged farming, domestic crafts, ship building and fishery, this would also help people settle down and get good jobs and a better life than in France. Another way was when Champlain became partners in trading company with a monopoly in Canada. The coureurs de bois increased colony knowledge of the land which helped them grow. Also coureur de bois extended French influence across Canada. Also houses were made with farms for habitants to rent from land owners, these houses each had a little long but narrow farm and were assembled in a little town. Lastly the seigneurial system was made.

The Patriot Film Review

In 1776 in colonial south Carolina, Benjamin Martin wants no part in the war between America and Britain, but his son does. Without permission his eldest son signs up for the war. After this, William Tavington, known for brutal tactics kills Martins younger son and burns down his house and farm, this makes Martin seek revenge but he doesn’t know whether to protects his family or go after Tavington. The movie isn’t the most accurate movie out their but it is action packed and has lots of true facts and some very goodly done stuff.
There are many false facts in the movie patriot but there are also lots of true ones. Some of the true facts in the movie are how in one of the last battles in the war, the Americans came up with a plan to make it look like all they brought to the war was militia and in the middle of the fight they would make the English think they were retreating. when actually they had their entire army behind a hill it worked perfectly for the Americans, the British pushed forward right into their trap and they ended up winning the war. This was very goodly portrayed in the movie. Another thing that was true in the movie was how they offered the slaves freedom if they served 1 year and got paid for it. The thing they did the best on in the movie was how the militia attacked their enemies. How they “sneak attacked” the English, they would hide and shoot the leaders first and then eventually kill all the people they were attacking with no casualties. Another thing that they got right about the real war is how the French helps them win the war at the end, and also how they battled at the beginning with open fields and rows of soldiers.


The patriot was a exciting movie but there were lots of misleading and untrue facts. Like how Tavington said to kill all the wounded enemies and to burn martins house down this never happened because there was no point, they weren’t blood thirst mean criminals like the movie said they were, they also said he killed one of martins sons which portrays him very well as a bad guy none of this is true. Also in the real war Cornwallis wasn’t defeated at the battle of Cowpens and wasn’t even at the battle himself, he won courthouse and Tarleton lost Cowpens but he actually lived to be an old age unlike in the film. Another thing that was badly portrait in the movie was how many black people actually fought in the war, and also how the British were portrait as evil when they burnt down the church with dozens of screaming women, children and men when that never even happened. One thing that I don’t know why they did this but how Martin never had an elder son in the war. In the movie they didn’t portray slavery like it really was, there was almost no slaves in the movie when at this time slavery trades and slavery all together was at its biggest point, and slaves weren’t treated like workers like on Martins farm, they were treated like furniture and not like human beings, also how at the beginning Tavington killed Martins son which is completely false, many think they did this to make America look better and look like they were the victim here since this is an American movie.


Benjamin Martin may not be as nice as portrayed, he was actually very cruel and the opposite of nice. Martin raped his own slaves regularly he also killed Indians for fun and for no reason. In the movie they said that Benjamin Martin also freed slaves, this is completely false. One thing they did get right is his was a great leader, leading the Americans to victory.


William Tavington was very poorly represented in the movie, in the film he was represented as a blood thirsty child killer. In the film there was a scene where he gives orders to put everyone from the town into the church and then he locks the doors and burns it down, he may not have been the nicest person but he definitely wouldn’t and didn’t do that and Tarleton never did anything remotely resembling such an action. In another scene it shows William killing Benjamin Martins younger son while he was trying to save his brother from being killed by Tavington, this never happened mainly because Benjamin Martin never had an older son. In the movie he happily kills women and children and wounded soldiers.


There was lots of bias info in the movie like how they portrayed the English badly. Saying that they burned a church with children in it, how they killed surrendering enemies, and how he killed Martins son when he was trying to save his brother from the British, they did this to make America look good and like they didn’t do anything wrong because this is an American film. They made it look like barely anyone had slaves when their were tones of slaves in America and at this time slavery trades were at their highest and they were treated like furniture and not like a human being, in the movie the slaves were treated like workers and not like they were treated, like slaves and also how there was only a couple loyalists when there were thousands of loyalists. Bias played a major role in the portrayal of the story. Bias is to be expected in such a film because it is an American made film explaining the story of their independence, so it is inevitable it would favor them.


The movie is an ok source of information, it has many incorrect scenes. Obviously it has lots of correct information also, but it may mislead lots of people. Even though there are a lot of things they did wrong they did a good job on showing the battles, they were intense gory and semi realistic and all and all you get a good feel for how the battles were like.

My Environmental Interactions

Some things I use a lot that affect the environment are automobile travel (driving) I do this a lot because me and my family like to go out and do stuff like go down town, pick up things and go to school. The consequences of this are that there is more pollution which isn’t good for the environment. Another thing I do is using lights, I don’t leave them on all day but sometimes I forget to turn them off, this is harmful to the environment because it is a waist of resources and money. Lastly me and my family use lots of printer ink, id don’t use it as much anymore because mostly everything is online but I still use it lots and lost my dad, mom and brother and sister use it way to much for work and projects. This is harmful to the environment because ink cartridges take an extremely long time to decompose, they contain many toxic ingredients and almost a gallon of ink is used to make one cartridge. There are pros to using this, like to get your work done and on paper.

The reason I use me and my family use the vehicle so much is to get around, if we couldn’t use it, I would take way longer to get around. The reason I use so much power is to see but it is mainly my fault because I sometimes forget to turn off the light but wee do use LED lights which are longer lasting, more efficient, ecologically friendly and have low voltage. Lastly the reason me any my family use so much ink is to get our work done. If we couldn’t use it we would fail many projects and also get fired and also they are cheaper to replace and easy to refill.

Some changes that me and my family could use to help the environment with using our vehicle are, to walk more. Also to walk to school, studies show that only 13% of kids walk or bike to school, which is really bad for the environment. Changes I could use to use less power is write a reminder to make sure to turn off the lights when I walk out of the room, the average American in 2015 used 10,812 kilowatthours a year averaging 901 per month. Something that me and my family can do to help with the ink we use is to use less ink and to write with a pen or pencil.

The Environmental Impact of Ink

literature individual project

Everyone has felt like they are being watched at one point in their life, but nothing like Marcus. Marcus is a 17 year old teen in grade 12 and is kind of a nerd, he is super into technology and hacking but one day when he skips school the day a bridge gets blown up he gets into some serious trouble. The moral of this story is to not get your freedom taken away and that you are always being watched.

Marcus gets his freedom taken away by a organization called the DHS. This is because a bridge blows up and him and his friends are suspects. The DHS hides a chip in Marcuse’s computer, Marcus finds this when he sees that his computer wasn’t level so he looked on the side and it wasn’t closed properly, so he looks inside and sees the chip that wasn’t there before. Because Marcus found a chip in his computer he is super paranoid of there being other things n his room. He thinks that there are cameras or microphones in his room because he is super paranoid after finding the chip.

These days there are cameras literally everywhere, on the streets in your phones in shops. These days it is almost impossible not to be tracked down and because of this no one has real freedom. Because Marcus is always being watched he gives up being a role model for everyone on xnet because he doesn’t want to get in trouble, and go through what he went through last time. Also through out the story he find DHS agents or what he thinks are DHS agents following him and watching him, like on his way home from the fairy thing there were two muscular big men following him around.

Throughout the story Marcus is forced to give away his private information to the DHS. Its ironic because Marcus likes to keep his life private and is kind of shy. When severe haircut lady questioned him, he didn’t want to tell her anything even when he said he doesn’t have anything to hide. He thinks he should not have to prove he is innocent by showing that he has nothing to hide. Although he doesn’t have anything illegal in his phone or computer, he has information about himself and his friends that he doesn’t want shared, like all the hacking, skipping school and other things he doesn’t want other people to know. Also one of the big things in the story is to not blindly follow, like when Ange wanted to go to that concert even though it was illegal, and Marcus just went with her because he liked her so much. it’s the same with the vampire game in the city mall, and he ended up getting way worse consequences from that.

So the moral of the story was to not let your freedom get taken away and you are always being watched. Marcus has done some dumb stuff like blindly follow Ange skip school and get pretty much arrested because of it and also not fight back against the DHS at first. But what do you thing would have happened if he didn’t skip school, would the same thing happen, would none of this happen?

Engineering Brightness Artifacts Of Learning

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The experience me and my group had was fun, it is super cool how we are helping people in need and also learning lots from it. Also the experience with the skype chats were different than I thought, it was awesome to connect with people half way around the world. We connected with lots of people like the people in Dominican, other schools in our district to fundraise and also we contacted a company safely to see if they would sponsor us and send us supplies but we haven’t gotten a reply from both the school and the company. So far what me and my group did is design 2 3D models for the light, one for Mr. Robinson and one for our group to use. We have also printed one of the two and contacted a school and a company. The idea we have for the 3D light is that its going to be solar powered and also we will send it with a piece of Velcro so that they can put the solar panel on their leg, shoulder or hat so they can charge the solar panel while at work or doing anything outside. lastly we have some ideas on fundraising.

Skills I have gained from doing this project are, learning about people from other countries and interacting with them. Also I learned how fortunate we are to live in this country, also I learned how fun, cool and interesting it is to skype with people half way around the world. Lastly I learned how good it feels to make a change in the world. The way I feel that I have met my learning goals is that I have designed a better light shell via inventor (the 3D printing software) that can actually make a difference in the Dominicans daily lives, and can help them to do so many things they couldn’t do without the lights.

The collaboration went well, we learned lots from doing it and will help us when we do it again. Also it helped with our project because they gave us pointers on it, and helped us by telling us good websites to order off of. What my group did well on it making it happen, our group did lots of things, we designed 2 lights (one with the help of Kaleb’s group) and I think we did a good job on them. We also came up with ideas for fundraising but were to busy doing the lights to organize, we also contacted a company and a school on fundraising and sponsoring. The thing I think we could have done better is use our class time better, I’m not saying we used it bad because we didn’t, we just didn’t do it to our full potential, and I think we could have done even more things if we used it a bit better. Also we could have recorded what we did better, we still recorded what we did but we didn’t do it daily and it wasn’t as detailed as I wanted it to be. I really liked the connection based learning because it is very unique, I have never done anything like this before. I liked it because we get to ask them questions and just interact with them in general. I hope I do it again soon.

How Cells Multiply

Asexual reproduction is a form of reproduction without sex in which offspring are made by one organism and they inherit their personalities only from their parent. Pretty much the parent makes an identical copy of its self, The main process they use is mitosis. The pros of asexual reproduction are that it is fast, only one parent is needed, all the good characteristics are passed on, they can store large amounts of food and rapid growth the cons of asexual reproduction are, adaption to environment is unlikely, they inherit the bad characteristics of parent, and lack of dispersal. Sexual reproduction is a form of reproduction in which the sperm from a male fertilizes the females eggs. This involves combining genetic information from two individuals. The pros of sexual reproduction are, a new organism is formed, fertilization takes place which mixes their genetic material together, there is a large chance of a unique organism being formed, and the new organism formed with the mixed gametes of the parents has the chance of not getting their parents diseases passed on. The cons are, that it takes longer, only 50% of the population can gestate, 2 parents must be involved, having to find a mate and reproduce, and fertilization has to take place and there are no grantees that the males sex cell will fuse with the females sex cell .

Mitosis is a 5 step process of a type of cell division that results in two daughter cells each having the same number and kind of chromosomes as the parent nucleus (making an identical copy of itself). The first step of mitosis is interphase in this step the DNA replicates itself in preparation for mitosis, the second step of mitosis is prophase This is when the chromatin condenses into two rod-shaped structures called chromosomes, the third step is metaphase in metaphase the cell’s chromosomes align themselves in the middle of the cell, the fourth is anaphase in this the replicated chromosomes are split and the daughter chromatids are moved to opposite poles of the cell, and the last step of mitosis is telophase and cytokinesis in this step the sister chromatids reach opposite poles. The small nuclear vesicles in the cell begin to re-form around the group of chromosomes at each end and then the spindle fibres begin to disappear, two nuclei are formed and the cells divide. Mitosis is a 10 step process where a single cell divides twice to produce four cells containing half the original amount of genetic information. These four daughter cells only have half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell. The first step in meiosis is interphase, the second is prophase l, the third stage is metaphase l, the fourth stage is anaphase l, the fifth stage in meiosis is telophase l, the sixth stage is prophase ll, the seventh stage is metaphase ll, next is anaphase ll, then telophase ll, and lastly cytokinesis. The difference between mitosis and meiosis is that in the process of mitosis it only results in 2 organisms when in meiosis it results in 4 organisms. Another difference between Meiosis and mitosis is that meiosis is a lot longer than mitosis. Another thing is meiosis involves crossing over and in mitosis it doesn’t involve crossing over, and the daughter cells in meiosis are not identical compared to mitosis where they are identical to the parent cell. Also the number of chromosomes in daughter cells produced by meiosis is half the number of chromosomes produced by mitosis.

An organism grows because cell division increases the number of cells in it, it is a process that takes place constantly. As the organism develops and its cells divide, most of them continue to divide. Even when they grow and develop it may look like it has stopped growing but it hasn’t, cell division is still occurring because they are losing cells also.

The longer it lives the bigger it will get because it just keeps increasing the number of cells using cell division. Then the new cells divide to create even more and it is just an endless chain of cell division, this is from mitosis. For example if someone’s bones are growing the cells divide to form the bone structure. When cells need to divide they talk with each other using cyclin signals.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sexual Reproduction