Walter Mitty Daydream Six

The short story, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” written by James Thurber. Shifts frequently from expressionism to realism, this plays a big part of the story and is pretty much what the story is about, him being bored of his whole life and escaping from it by dreaming about him having an insane adventurous and dangerous life. Expressionism is mental concepts which are displayed as, flash backs, memories, dreams, thoughts, pause of life time, this would be Walter Mitty in his dreams throughout the story. Realism is seeking to reproduce the effect of actuality, real-life people and situations, the description of what is happening in the present, this would be when he is not in his dreams but in reality. The sixth dream created, which is the continuation of the story, was about him on the side walk after waking up from the fifth dream and seeing police officers causing him to think about being a police officer, waking into a store and getting in to a bad situation, with a cliff hanger/unresolved ending.

…sirens blast through the air piercing Walters ears. Walter looks up and sees three police cars come screaming down the street, they come to a hard stop right down the street from Walter. The smell of cigarettes in the air turns to burnt rubber from the tires. Police rushing out of their cars in to a store yelling. Five minutes later they come out from an alley way with two men in hand cuffs, and they put the men in to the police cars. Walter walks over to the scene of the crime to see what caused such a kerfuffle, when he arrives he talks to some of the people standing around watching. He finds out that there was a hostage in the back of the store but the police found a secret way in to get to the man before he did anything to the hostage. Walter starts to walk back to the store his wife is still in. He leans back on to the window but then he turns around to see what is taking his wife so long in the store, he notices that a customer is arguing with one of the employees in the front of the line, his wife is next in line but after the customer and employee arguing…

Walter walks into the store, the blue of his uniform gleaming off the reflection in the window, the tapping of his police boots against the ground silences the whole room, the people arguing at the front stop and look at Walter. He tells them to “stop arguing and let the kind, beautiful lady waiting in line buy her stuff”, his wife comes and gives him a big hug. Both the people at the front apologise and the lady pays for her stuff. As Walter starts to leave he hears a scream coming from in the back of the store. He sprints into the back bursting through the doors to see a women tied up in a chair. But she was all alone, no one else to be seen. The Lady is trying to warn Walter of something but he cannot understand because of the fabric around her mouth muffling the sound of her voice. Walter removes the fabric, “behind you” she says.