Get To Know Me

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is play basketball. I played on the Kway middle school team and I am going to try out for the riverside team. I like basketball because it is really fast paste, exiting and is lots of fun to play with your friends. One of my favorite parts of basketball is the shoes, they are like high tops but they have way more design to them. Also watching it is INSANE seeing the ridiculously tall guys dunk on a 10 foot hoop doing spins, slamming the ball down so hard the backboard glass breaks and weaving the ball through there legs and behind there back. On top I like to play pick up games with my friends from fox secondary, we usually play at my house when they come over.


Another thing that I love to do is to play videogames. I love playing videogames because it is very entertaining and fun. Also playing with my brother because I am interacting with him. My favorite game is call of duty black ops 3 because you can customize your own weapon camos, you can choose your weapons, also you can choose game modes like capture the flag where you have to capture the enemies flag and bring it back to your base. Other game modes are domination where there is 3 flags that you have to capture by standing on it for a certain amount of time and you get points every 2-3 seconds for the amount of flags you have another one is the basic team death match where there are teams of 6 and every kill counts as 1 point and first team to get 100 points or kills wins. Other games I like are overwatch, NHL, and battle field.


A sport I like is soccer, I played it when I was younger for about 4-5 years. I don’t play it competitively anymore but I still really like it. My favorite thing about soccer is playing it with m family like my cousins, my brothers and sisters and sometimes my parents. We would just play a mini game at gates park with the mini nets, it is SO fun because maybe your family is different but my family (not really me) is really competitive which actually makes it more fun. Soccer is cool to watch too, you can see the breath taking moves they can do with the ball. Then you try them and fall on your face. That is why I like soccer.


Something else you should know about me is that I really like my family. My parents help me with my homework, my brother plays videogames, basketball and just plays games with me. My sister, umm my sister I don’t really know what she does. But my family is really helpful and fun as you can see. I have a big family I have 2 brother and 2 sisters my older brother and sister don’t live with us but they visit frequently. I also have lots of cousins, on my moms side I have 2 boys and a girl and on my dads side I have 2 boys. We see My cousins on my moms side more. We usually play soccer at gates park with them and we have a big mini soccer game with them. My dad is away a lot on business trips but when he is here is spends lots of time with us. Something I really like about my family is that they are really active, I like this because they will play basketball with, and we go on lots of walks in downtown Vancouver and also places closer. My favorite member of my family is my brother because we have a lot in common like our music (rap) the sports we play, our personality and we are just really close.

Last but not least I really like hockey. I played hockey for the last 3 years I am not playing this year because I know in high school you have lots of homework so I decided not to play this year because of that. I really like hockey because I like to skate I don’t know what it is it is just so exhilarating gliding along the ice. Also I like it because of the way it is played, like how there are forwards, defence and just stick handling around the enemy team and shooting the puck into the net, it is just so fun. Other reasons I like it is because there are tones of awesome gear with dope designs and colours, and the different sticks with different colors designs the different flexes on the sticks which makes it easier or harder to shoot. The best thing is watching hockey, it is so fast paste and exiting you just cant help but watch it and buy tickets to games and just get so into the sport.