Blog Log | The addiction of videogames

The thing that really interested me about this article was the fact that I played videogames quite a bit, so I wanted to see what this was about. Since i play videogames a lot this title really intrigued me. I really liked his use of words throughout the article, you could tell that he knew what he was talking about and that he has been playing videogames for a long time. I also really like the detail he put in the article, how explained his whole life in the article. Also, how videogames affected it and how he portrayed his life after he started getting addicted to videogames which lead to other addictions. The connection between this article and my life is that I play videogames, and I have played the games he has played, so I know what he is talking about and the certain language he uses. The article illustrates how video games ruined his life, how it made him lazy and addicted to drugs, indicating how it ruined his life.

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