foods-10 reflection

The lab I chose to reflect on is the toad in the hole, I chose to reflect on this lab because it was the very first lab and there was a lot of things I learned from this lab and it may have been simple but it was also delicious. I enjoyed this lab a lot because since it was the first one it wasn’t as hard and let me get a feel for foods 10 and also let me get to know my group. Our groups toad in the hole turned out well, one got a little messed up from not paying as much attention to it but all the others turned out really well, I think this is because we followed the instructions. Our group worked well together and even though were and still are a pretty social group we got it done, and we also worked well because we helped each other out, if someone didn’t know what to do or didn’t know where something is we would help out. If I were to do this lab again I would have helped out a bit more in the clean up, I would do this because even though I did contribute I feel like I could have contributed more.